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Sometimes we wonder about something and ask a question. Your question may seem stupid or silly because perhaps it is known by so many other people but it is not silly to you because you are asking the question because you do not know why?

The philosophers suggest that there a only three types of questions.

  • Type 1:           Those that can be answered by facts. Example “Is there any water in this glass?”
  • Type 2.           Those that can be answered by a rule. Example “What is the speed limit?”
  • Type 3.           Any question that cannot be answered by facts or rule. Example “There are too many cars on the road and it takes too long. If we make them go faster more accidents will happen but if we widen to road it will cost too much money”. The Question "save lives or save money?" is part of those types of questions called the philosophical question

We welcome new visitors, members and volunteers and invite you to ask questions which we will try to answer. also we encourage you to comment and or provide a better answer.


Why change family Law? Criminal tests it in a High Court Action


Family LawLaws, such as the family law are made by parliament but those drafting these laws cannot be sure if they have covered everything.

When someone uses a clause in the law that is obviously not reasonable then the law may need to be changed. Sometimes in a court case a judge might show a problem with the law by allowing something to happen when it is not a good thing to do.

One of Australia's worst paedophiles presented a claim to Australia's High Court because he believed that under the Family Law (Family Court Act) under section 60CC (3)(a) his children have the right to see him.

This case is complicated because the man, a father is serving a long prison sentence for child sex crimes. One of many acts that convicted him was the evidence of him filming his rape of his 2-year old daughter who completely accepted his actions. He convinced her (grooming) so much she didn't know that his sexual abuse was so "vile and abhorrent" Eventually she became sexualised  and a willing participant.

In this case evidence was given to show that the children often told their mother but when she reported these they were dismissed by the authorities as "just one of a number of distortions and exaggerations propounded by the mother"  It was only after the couple separated that police found the evidence.

His argument that his children had the right to know and to be cared for by both parents and that when he left prison he could resume  a continuing relationship with his children when they were adults.

The full court ruled there was no absolute right to obtain the views of a child even a child of mature years. He protested  the Family Law Court's decision not to interview the children and that they relied only on the mother's views. His attempt failed.

This case, however, has caused the top Legal member of Parliament, the Attorney General George Brandis to recommend a "comprehensive review" of the Family Laws within the Act


What is your 21st Century Survival Guide for Japan?


Survival GuideJane's' 21st Century Survival Guide will be available in 2019

We have produced many articles from the Guide in our main website and have other information available for subscribers  only

This guide is for all families.  We have included information on maintaining family relationships, your rights and responsibilities, how to recognise dangers and threats to yourself or to your children, health care, and resources that you can find in your community - practical matters of everyday life.

This Guide will be produced for Japan only and printed in English and Japanese.  If you travel to another country the guide will not inform you of what the laws of that country. Laws vary all over the world and can also be different within a country.

The 21st Century Family survival Guide does not intend to replace expert advice available from the various professions and cannot hope to be up to date in all matters simply because changes are made every day to so many things that affect our lives. This Organisation has done its best to provide guidance but cannot accepts any responsibility for mistakes. If you do notice that a mistake has been made please help us and others by telling us.

We have concentrated  our Survival Guide bring you much information about sexual assaults and domestic violence as these affect so many adults and children of all ages. We also have produced general information about almost everything.




I am tired trying to help my daughter everyday without results please help


tiredThis being tired is often  referred to as "Burning the candle at both ends" meaning now to working late into the night only to begin again early the next day living a hectic and unsustainable life.

Our research demonstrates that there are lot of people are really working hard trying to solve problems that have occurred due to an event or circumstance. They too are suffering great hardship and it is affecting their health and welfare. The most difficult is dealing with Sexual Violence There are many reasons for being tired  is that these crimes are the most difficult to  resolve.

 Change being tired to being inspired

We are working on ways to change this and make life easier for all people struggling to find answers.(It will take us more time to complete so meanwhile!) Try and meet other people in the same situation and in the same region. Talk generally about such problems. So much effort by so many people doing the same thing and failing would be resolved by sharing information with people who have tried something that didn't work. Discuss why it failed. Discuss strategies and allocate tasks and meet every week. Have your child make a victim statement to the group. No one does this but ask your self why not? Our response is that it helps everyone in the meeting and leads to  great teamwork with everyone on the same page and all less tired..

Meanwhile we recommend you read a few of our posts. Two follow but try the search at the top of each page.



Do you have any information about Genes?


We do not have any articles on Genes.

This is because it is outside of our work which is providing information where individuals can play a part in ensuring their own health can be maintained by their own actions

You can read about this subject here USA National Library of Medicine

Also for some idea of research being done please refer to this  Australian Research Institute QIMR Berfhofer





motivationWe published yesterday a post on motivation that refers to an article in Wikipedia that is well written. Here is our explanation.

In our post we have given a brief description but focused on how difficult it is to cope with the crime of sexual violence. The natural human instincts and the inbuilt human desire for sexual relationships are only part of what motivates perpetrators.


Our organisation’s Modus Operandi is to Defend, Truth Justice, Fairness and to Protect the Innocent. Our founder and CEO, Jane is motivated by this and has shown us all the way: Jane after not receiving Justice from the Japan Government by-passed the effect of the US/Japan SOFA by taking the person they allowed to escape to a civil court where he was found guilty by a Japanese Court who ordered the guilty person to pay compensation, in absentia, about USD 30,000.  He never paid. After many years Jane located him and brought him before an American Court where the Japanese court ruling was endorsed by the American court. Jane used the LAW effectively and convinced 2 learned jurists, and those that defended her, that she had told the Truth and nothing but the truth. Justice was defended by Truth

As to Fairness, Jane asked her lawyers to inform the judge that she only wanted $1.00 compensation, and not to enforce the payment awarded by the Japanese Court. Jane’s reason being that she wanted to show the world that Justice is not just about money.

Why did we refer to Wikipedia to explain MOTIVATION?

Wikipedia uses 15,000 words, 130 references and has the following contents that indicate the difficulty in giving a simple meaning of this word

  1. Neuroscience
  2. Psychological theories
    • Rational motivations
    • Incentive theories: intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
      • Intrinsic motivation
        • Extrinsic motivation
      • Behaviourist theories
        • Classical and operant conditioning
          • Incentive motivation
        • Motivating operations
        • Motivation and psychotherapy
      • Socio-cultural theory
      • Push and pull
      • Self-control
      • Drives
      • Drive-reduction theory
      • Cognitive dissonance theory
      • Content theories
        • Maslow's hierarchy of needs
        • Herzberg's two-factor theory
        • Alderfer's ERG theory
        • Self-determination theory
      • Temporal motivation theory
      • Achievement motivation
      • Cognitive theories
        • Goal-setting theory
        • Expectancy theory
      • Models of behaviour change
      • Thematic apperception test
      • Intrinsic motivation and the 16 basic desires theory
      • Attribution theory
      • Approach versus avoidance
  1. Practical applications
    • Employee motivation
      • Job characteristics model
        • Motivating potential score
      • Employee recognition programs
    • Education
    • Impact of teaching style on student intrinsic motivation
      • Indigenous education and learning
      • Self-determination in education
      • Physical activity in education
    • Business
    • Games
  2. See also
  3. References
  4. Further reading
  5. External links

Seeking the whole truth is what motivates us

We study, in great detail, case histories of Sexual predators and their sexual violence crimes. We know they are partly motivated by natural human instincts and the inbuilt human desire for sexual relationships but find so many complex factors are evident. They do obtain a personal benefit and this is a key factor. Another factor is that they know that even if their victim does report them, the chance of punishment is rare. Sexual crimes have been with humans for thousands of years and society has favored, in the past, male domination. The fact that Societies' rules of behavior is of little interest to them. They are experts in misbehaving have learned how to lie effectively therefore can easily use deceptive means.

The Wikipedia article is worth reading as predators do not fall into just one behavioral pattern but many. It is important that victims try and identify what has motivated this anti-social behavior

One big winner for perpetrators is to rely on there being only two people involved and to state firmly that the victim is lying. Again, another win is presentation. Society still has a mind that sexual predators are evil and easily identified but, in fact most of the victims know the person. People cannot believe that a happily married man would rape his daughter, threaten her with harm and hire her out to friends. A case comes before the court and the accuser represents themselves because they can’t afford a lawyer and the accused presents as a well-dressed person with top level attorney. A woman goes to the police to request a restraining order against a violent husband but is told to go home and stop bothering them. Her husband kills her. A man is raped and is told that men cannot be raped. A child tell her mother that her father did something to her she didn't like and the mother tells her to stop telling lies. A neighbor offers to mind your children free of charge. Stories unbelievable but true.

We focused on Truth because in any legal cases one of the parties is lying, or not telling the whole truth. We focus on Justice because victims just want to be believed and criminals deserve to be punished for their crimes because their behaviors break normality and not acceptable. Fairness because it is not fair that these criminals rarely are punished and their victims suffer a very long time. Nevertheless we do Protect the innocent and recommend first action to seek medical assistance.


This difficult task of discovering what motivates sexual predators has also motivated us to build the 21st Century Family Survival Guide which is about modern survival techniques but does also include some other great information that is helpful.


How did you obtain cost to government on sexual assaults?


How much does each sexual assault or rape cost a government?


We did have a link to a more detailed website from the Obama White House but it was lost temporarily as it moved to archives. Here is a link to get you there

Obama White House Sexual Assault Report


I want to know why so many assaulters are military veterans.


We do not research background data of people who commit crimes and therefore cannot assist with this question.


What is the Status Of Forces Agreement: SOFA


Status Of Forces Agreement

Almost 60 years old

The Status of Forces Agreement between USA and Japan and others details about them.

See Report on Status of Forces Agreement (SOFAs)

ISAB October 2015

The United States is party to more than 100 (see footnote 4) agreements addressing the status of U.S. forces in foreign countries.(see footnote 5)

4 There is, as noted below, no compendium of agreements that the US military and diplomatic authorities regard as embodying status of forces rules for U.S. military personnel, and therefore no way of determining exactly how many such agreements are in effect. Secretaries Rice and Gates estimated in testimony to Congress in 2008 that the U.S. is party to more than 115 SOFAs.
5 The United States has undoubtedly the most extensive network of bilateral SOFA agreements, but it is by no means the only nation that has entered into similar arrangements. Many other countries have concluded bilateral SOFAs including the UK, France, Australia, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the Republic of Korea.

Please refer to the following:

Statute of Forces Agreement Japan

Rapes keep happening

Okinawa Protest




Define “Random Acts of Kindness”


random-acts-of-kindnessHave you ever been in trouble and someone comes along and helps you? They do not know you but just decide to help. This is called a random act of kindness.

I have, just recently, when my car tyre suddenly went flat whilst I was driving. It took me time to bring the car under control and park on the side of the road. I was about to call a mechanic when a car pulled in behind me in which was a young man and his wife and two children. He said "I saw your tyre go flat and  I came back to see if you are OK. Do you have spare tyre? He stayed, changed my tyre and whole family waved goodbye. Wow! Then I realised that I did not know his name, but I did thank him.

A few days later, I was driving on a suburban road and I saw a young couple each carrying two heavy shopping bags. I turned around because that street was quite a long one without any houses and asked them if I could drive them home. Afterwards I realised I did not give my name but their thanks were there, both in their faces and by their words

It is said "One good turn deserves another"

Random acts of goodwill are never planned - they just happen. They do not often happen but such kindness make the world a better place.

Synonyms of kindness: kindliness, kind-heartedness,  warm-heartedness, tender-heartedness, goodwill, affectionateness, affection, warmth, gentleness, tenderness, concern, care; consideration, considerateness, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, unselfishness, selflessness, altruism, compassion, sympathy, understanding, big-heartedness, benevolence, benignity, friendliness, neighbourliness, hospitality, amiability, courteousness, public-spiritedness; generosity, magnanimity, indulgence, patience, tolerance, charitableness, graciousness, lenience, humaneness, mercifulness;

Informal decency;

Using kindness makes us feel good


Is a rapist allowed forgiveness? Let’s talk about that shall we?


What is forgivenessForgiveness is hard to measure. It is like pain (On a scale of 1 to 10 how much does it hurt).  We can forgive easily and in some ways it is not a problem to forgive and to forget. We all forgive mistakes, particularly when the person genuinely is sorry,  but when someone murders your child or a rapist takes your innocence you will never forget but can you forgive? This is a difficult question and for those who escape trauma it is hard to understand why those that do cannot forgive and forget. Let us talk about it.

Before doing that let us state our position right now.

Most psychologists recommend forgiving anyone who has wronged us, instead of allowing anger to build up. Despite so many positive reasons to recommend forgiveness, very little is known about the negative implications. For example a kind person, willing to forgive a person, may encourage them to feel free to offend again. Clemency to some people allows them to escape the consequences of their actions. If they receive anger, criticism, rejection and other negative responses it would tend to discourage them to re offend. Our experience and our research demonstrate that forgiveness is not always a remedy

This organisation believes that the need to forgive does not apply to victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence. Some victims of these crimes are empowered when they feel there is no obligation to consider pardoning the rapists.

We like this Christian Statement because it sums up the issue of forgiveness

People who have experienced abuse, trauma, or loss, need time to sort things out and let God bring them to the place of forgiveness in His time. God’s timing is always the right time for each individual. The act of forgiving others is between us and God. (Luke 23:34 "Father forgive them...*) Note: There is no need to talk to the person you forgive nor even become involved with them, or even let them know you have decided to forgive them.

An Adelaide (Australia) man jailed indefinitely for 2 murders (one Japanese student Megumi Suzuki in 2001) and several sexual offences has asked his lawyer to talk to the Supreme Court to fix the time of his jail sentence. The reason "Not having an end in sight is particularly difficult for a prisoner's health"

Is this person, who has been placed in jail for ever, be forgiven by anyone?  Unfortunately 97% of rapists never ever go to prison. They all knew what they were doing.




Sexual Radicalisation at its worst. Are paedophiles acting like terrorists?


sexual radicalisation paedophile rolf harris

 Sexual Radicalisation is used by Jihadists and Paedophiles

Radicalisation is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly “radical’ views that are not shared by most people.

A radical person is one having extreme political or social views that are not shared by most people (Merriam Webster)

Paedophiles by definition are people who prefer children but there are others that abuse children who are not paedophiles because they take anyone at any age that becomes available nevertheless all sexual terrorists follow similar patterns

Terrorist individuals, their supporters, and groups move into our communities and over a period of time convince anyone they recruit to adopt their way of life. Here is a story of sexual radicalisation where a man rapes his daughter and convinces a groups of men to join him. The participant said, when captured and jailed, it was fun while it lasted. See PerthNow

Both terrorists and paedophiles radicalise by deliberately behaving like  normal and nice persons and involve themselves in volunteering work to be seen as someone who helps others. Some become involved in a community and operate within youth groups, churches and schools and or universities which can give them access to vulnerable people. Quite often the  are known to the family, and too often are family members. This is why when they are caught neighbours just cannot believe that horrible crimes were being committed nearby.

These gang of 8 above were caught and punished. But there is too many terrorists out there. The jihadist type are promising rivers of wine and 100 virgins with women available (raping civilians) and lying to recruits to get them to join their fight against anyone that does not share their weird view of the modern world. Billions of dollars are being used to rid the world of these radicals but little is done to prevent sexual predators from roaming our streets.  Please check in soon to obtain tips on how to recognise if a person is being groomed (sexual radicalisation)


UN produced treaty to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women


In 1979  the United Nations General Assembly produced what is described as an International  “Bill of Rights for Women” This was the treaty Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)  On September 1981 it was instituted and has been ratified by over 50 countries subject certain declarations, reservations, and objections.

Japan signed on Jul 17, 1980 and the Treaty Ratified on Jun 25, 1985


respect circleJane's research team focused on Clause 5 of the Treaty that states "(a) To modify the social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women, with a view to achieving the elimination of prejudices and customary and all other practices which are based on the idea of the inferiority or the superiority of either of the sexes or on stereotyped roles for men and women"

Has anybody noticed any difference?

It is not as if the paperwork is at fault. Fifty countries have signed up and after all it is now twenty years ago and plenty of time to put reforms into place, or did we miss something are women still being treated badly? There is no Respect when so many suffer sexual assault.

Our future starts with RESPECT



Why is an Accused Rapist always referred to as an Alleged Rapist?


truthAlleged, as an adjective, means that something was said to have taken place, but it has not been proven.  Unfortunately when a sexual assault occurs, it is frequently used incorrectly.

The synonyms of Alleged include the words 'supposed', 'so-called', 'claimed', 'apparent', 'unproven'

An alleged rapist is someone who has been accused of being a rapist but against whom no charges have been proved. An alleged incident is an event that is said to have taken place but has not yet been verified. As they do not have the results of any possible legal actions the rights of the accused are protected however sometimes the media and law enforcement officials sometimes misuse alleged. Someone arrested for rape may be only an alleged rapist, for example, but is a real suspect in that his or her status as a suspect is not in doubt.  That is a suspect is not an alleged suspect.

The word Alleged when used to describe a so-called Raped Victim, also has a few problems. If we are to follow the logic of not labelling the Rapist and place the adjective Alleged to indicate that not enough evidence is available then surely we should not say there is an Alleged Victim

When viewing cases other than sexual assaults (for example a robbery or say a murder) it is obvious that there is a victim. In a Sexual Abuse case when it is usually clear that an incident happened and only the culprit is in doubt it would be better to avoid the use of the word victim. This is because as the accused either did or did not commit Rape, naming the accuser as a Victim can be assumed that the accused did.

Nevertheless we must be careful to not weaken the case of the victims of crimes BECAUSE the numbers of people who lie about being sexually assaulted are a very low percentage.

It is our view that we must use better words and insist on accuracy using alternatives. We believe that a neutral word that doesn’t say whether someone is telling the truth or not, but identifies the parties accurately is better. Two excellent words are accused and accuser

A short Media Statement example:  Police are investigating an Alleged Rape reported to them. They then proceed to provide details, provided by the Accuser, of the  incident and  that the Accuser has named the so-called Rapist to them.  The Police said that they are investigating the report and said that the Accused has denied all charges and is helping them with their enquiries. The names of both Parties have been withheld during police investigations. Even if the Media reveals the name of the Parties they can use the titles accuser and accused instead of alleged victim or alleged Rapist

This does change if the incident includes evidence of visible cuts, or laceration, abrasion, bruises, or other signs that a trauma occurred.

In such cases the Media Report would include the word Victim as in the following: Police are investigating an assault reported to them. They then provide details of the incident in which the Victim suffered severe bruising and lacerations and appeared disoriented. The Victim alleged that a sexual assault had occurred and named the suspect who has been identified by witnesses. The suspect is being investigated by the Police and is assisting them with their enquiries



How do we define sexual and gender-based and domestic violence?


We find that the definition of sexual and gender based violence and domestic violence varies across the world therefore we adopt as general overview the definition by Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Our research for a specific Country expands on the following to include local laws that then become part of our multipoint plans

"Sexual violence is a form of gender-based violence and encompasses any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act, unwanted sexual comments or advances, or acts to traffic, or otherwise directed against a person’s sexuality using coercion, by any person regardless of their relationship to the victim, in any setting. Sexual violence takes multiple forms and includes rape, sexual abuse, forced pregnancy, forced sterilization, forced abortion, forced prostitution, trafficking, sexual enslavement, forced circumcision, castration and forced nudity. Gender-based violence is considered to be any harmful act directed against individuals or groups of individuals on the basis of their gender. It may include sexual violence, domestic violence, trafficking, forced/early marriage and harmful traditional practices. An understanding of how gender intersects, for instance, with race, religion, economic situation, political affiliation and geography is also critical to addressing patterns and forms of gender-based violence. Although men and boys are also targets of gender-based and sexual violence in conflict situations, the victims of such violence continue to be disproportionally women and girls."

To view the whole report jointly prepared by: Rule of Law and Democracy & Women’s Rights and Gender Sections, OHCHR Research and Right to Development Division Rule of Law, Equality and Non-Discrimination Branch, ACCESS HERE


What services are available to help foreign residents Japan?


Resident foreigners in Japan UN

Resident Immigrants

Last year the number of permanent foreign  residents Japan reached a record 2.23 million and the number of people on non-permanent visas is also rising

The Japan Immigration Policy Institute is working on the idea that Japan needs 10 million migrants in the next 50 years. This is because Japan faces a future of an older population that produces less workers to support those not working. Even now Manpower, a recruiting firm, says the many companies cannot find enough workers.

Our organisation is aware of such matters because it means that in addition to providing services for Japanese people we must provide a service to foreign residents or guests. The task of getting services provided by government to support Japanese victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence is hard enough but even harder for non-Japanese.

Why does this matter?

When people move to another country they must learn the language and local customs and when in difficulties they need to know what to do and where to go for help.  This cannot be done overnight, particularly when on a vacation, and there are very few alternatives.

We have a solution and will reach out to many people after our official opening in 2017.

Would you like to help us?



What is the best decision when you seek Criminal Justice: a Judge or Jury?


Criminal Justice Sexaul AssaultMany Victims of Sexual Assault seek criminal justice

However it is important to understand that the Law in one country may be different from the law in other countries.

When two people argue it is useful to have a third party listen to what each person says and then tries to decide which one of them is right. Sounds simple but a lot depends on who the third party is and what rules are used to form a decision. It is also important that the third party isn’t connected or related to one of the persons involved.

Let us use some legal terms. The people are renamed Party A (usually the accuser) and Party B (the defender) and the third party might be an Arbitrator, a Judge (or Judges), or a Jury. The Rules are Laws. The Argument itself is called the case

Here is a story from Australia that is easy to understand



What is your privacy policy and how to protect on-line activities?


privacy policyOur Privacy Policy is  in this website at the bottom of the page. This is our policy.

What you need to do is have your own privacy policy because simply you cannot expect others will protect you when using your own computers or phones or anything that is connected to the internet. Don't trust anyone unless they can prove they are trustworthy.

There are lots of things you can do like INSTALL programs that block virus' and malware, block cookies, use a secure browser, change your password often, delete browsing history, but spyware and intrusive behaviour systems are everywhere and they are getting better.

There are some good simple habits to put into your own privacy policy

For example your bank will have on-line banking. On their website the address will start with "https/...." and your computer will inform you they this site has been verified by VeriSign (or similar organisation that makes sure this has been registered and it is what it says) This is important because thieves are clever at copying the real website and they can make it look exactly the same but they can't use the real website name. What they do is make it look the almost the same.

You then log on to your bank by using your account number (we hope you didn't throw your bank statement in the rubbish) but even if someone has your account number they do need your password which you now put into the log in. some banks don't let you in until you complete the second security check. This might be another way to identify you to the banks computer. If you do not get everything correct you may get up to three chances to correct it before you a blocked by their security system and you will have to go personally to the bank to be recognised and to reset your security.

Banks have a privacy policy  and are the most secure places and they are watching all the time. If you have a credit card and you intend to go on a holiday, you better let your bank know how long you will be away and roughly where you are going. For example "From 20 January 2017 until 30 January 2017  I will travel to Europe visiting 4 countries." Why is this important? Your habits of spending are watched by the banks computer and they can see how much you spend and where and build a spending profile on your account. Suddenly you appear to be spending money in another country on something you normally do not buy. The computer imagines that your card may have been stolen and being used online to buy something in another country. This puts the bank on high alert. If the amount is small they think it is a thief testing the card is working and they watch for the next purchase. If this is for a bigger amount of money they block the payment and then you need to contact the bank to confirm you made the transaction. This is quite hard if you are in a foreign country.

Another good thing to do is to limit the amount of money per day that can be transferred out of your account to anyone else. You can change this but do not forget to reset it after.

When you do contact your bank they will ask you to tell them the amounts you have spent before your card was stopped. (Always keep receipts) This help the bank to know what payments are made by you and when the thief started using your card. Most banks cover the cost of  purchases not made by you.

Use better passwords. Computers can find a password by trying thousands of combinations that's why banks stop your access if you fail about 3 times. Simple password are easily hacked. Some people use their name of some even use "password" as their password. A password that would take years to hack and is simple to remember consists of a combination of capital and lower case letters, numbers and keyboard symbols. Here is a couple of examples. Monkey (weak) can become  2Mo3nke2Y* (very strong) and Arigato becomes 4Domo3*Ari4gato* (very strong)

For how you protects your family and personal information please see others posts

Protect the family on-line

Credit Card Fraud and Identity theft



How can I join the Organisation


There are several Categories. We are still working on this




What’s Physical Assault?


Physical assault involves the use of physical force intended to harm or frighten. This includes being pushed, grabbed, punched, shoved, slapped, kicked, bitten, choked, dragged, stabbed, shot, or struck with a vehicle; it excludes contact during sport. Physical threat involves an attempt, threat or suggestion of intent to inflict physical harm made face-to-face and where the victim believed it was able and likely to be carried out. It includes threats to carry out the listed examples of physical violence.


Compare Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment?


Sexual assault

Sexual Assault is defined to involve acts of a sexual nature carried out against the victim’s will through force, intimidation or coercion or any attempt to do this. It includes rape, attempted rape, aggravated sexual assault and indecent assault. Unwanted sexual touching is separately considered under ‘sexual harassment’. Sexual threat includes face-to-face threats of a sexual nature where the victim believed the threats able and likely to be carried out.

Sexual harassment

This a complex area  but to give an overview it could be explained simply as  "Harassment is talking or writing or acting in a manner that is obvious related to sexual activities"   In a workplace situation it is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when:

1. Submission to such conduct is made either implicitly or explicitly a term or condition of employment.
2. Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for employment decisions.
3. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.
4. This definition also encompasses unwelcome display or communication of sexually offensive materials.


Where can I find blogs on Myths?




What security do you have?


See post "working with vulnerable people"

Apart from making sure that everyone on our team are not known to have any criminal record, we constantly review performance and feed-back is important to us as well.

The Safety and Security of people working for our organisation is protected by the Organisation's work protocols and protected by an insurance policy. Volunteers are especially protected against loss of income from their regular workplace should they have an accident whilst working with us.