If you are feeling lonely you may be damaging your physical & mental health

Feeling Lonely? You are not alone as there is an epidemic of loneliness worldwide. Many people experience loneliness for the first time when they are left alone as infants. It is also a very common, though normally temporary, consequence of a breakup, divorce, or loss of any important long-term relationship. In these cases, it may…
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What is the purpose of  Vitamins & what else do we need to know?

Natural Vitamins are made by hormones The human body Vitamin system works mostly by itself but due to modern lifestyles it is important to have a blood test once a year you make sure everything is within the normal range.  Do not under any circumstances just go a buy a bottle of pills just because…
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Why is it very important that we take care of our personal money?

Having no money is a very serious problem Many families trying to survive in the 21st Century are faced with one of the worst financial meltdowns the world has seen since the great depression more than 70-years ago.  Unemployment is rising and with the amount of currency every country is borrowing to keep up with everything…
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