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Jane’s Team studies the Human Brain to make the world a safer place.

The place where solutions can be found is inside the Human Brain; how it operates, when it started being involved, where does it get its information, how does it know what to keep, is it always correct. Jane’s Team looks at the complex problems that face all Victims of Crime especially with Sexual Assault, Domestic…
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Sexual assault & domestic violence victims power restored by Empowerism

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="336"] Be empowered to stand up to bullies[/caption] Justice for victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence are frustrated by those who adopt authoritarianism activity. This practice of using myths and misconceptions started by  those in a legal profession in defence of their client is now become dictatorial by so many but…
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How to get help in a foreign country

In order to help anyone we need to analyse the problem Part of our research team's work is to decide which problems have importance to our overall program then we concentrate on providing universal solutions to global problems and adjust these to suit different countries The last few years has seen many people move from…
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