Part 3: What goes into the human body that seriously affect our mind?

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What's happening?

Jane’s Team focus on the human body now looks at what goes in to it that affects our minds

We have already given some information on foods

Alternative Low-cost Healthcare Health Matters - Index Are we eating Healthy? What's really in our food?

There are lots of things we put in our human body that damage and or destroy our brains

We are not providing any details because we believe most of us know the obvious things like being shot in the head, or being in a car accident and suffer from whiplash, or being involved in boxing and receiving lots of hits to your head, or falling over and hitting your head. The human body can take a lot of damage but our brain  is easily damaged.

The biggest source of main bending moments comes from drugs. We want to talk about what affects our minds so we recommend you have a look at this great website from the Australian government

Drugs : Facts

Now what affects our minds?

Early humans were hunter gatherers and our human body survived on basic foods and water. Over the thousands of years we have reached the stage where our choice of foods and drinks is almost unlimited. Also we keep well by taking medicine prescribed to us by an increasingly clever scientific community. Unfortunately not everything we put into our bodies is good for us and we can become addicted to them.

We read about the dangerous drugs and substances but alcohol isn’t usually given top priority but recently there has been more focus on harm to others. Alcohol as a very serious substance because it is responsible for more harm to other people than most other things. People do enjoy a drink but some drive their motor vehicles and kill themselves or others, other become violent.

Why is what we do to other people important?

It is now very clear that alcohol and other substances mess with our minds. It messes with the minds of people who harm us. We need to think about that and the excuses by Rapists and Domestic Violence perpetrators when they blame their behaviour as being influenced by a substance. In the past people who are drunk have used alcohol as a defence. “It’s not my fault, someone got me drunk!” or similar excuses.

The courts, in the past, accepted defence claims that the victim was drunk and didn't look after themselves and others accepted the rapist's claim of not realising what they were doing was wrong because they were drunk. Today and in the future this excuse is being challenged. If a person is drunk they cannot give consents and it cannot be assumed they would have consented if not drunk. Drunks in motor vehicles or in any other crime are now being prosecuted because they are deemed responsible for their own drunkenness and actions.

On the other hand there are some that things don’t affect other people and we suffer alone. Some are left with permanent brain damage, other just die from too many doses or an overdose. It is important you know exactly whatever you do to make sure you know just what the affect will be. Perhaps you don’t care anymore and your only hope is that a friend will notice your condition and rescue you or you may be hospitalised and doctors will try to save you. Might be a bit late then.

Depressed? Here is some good news

Brain damage doesn’t always mean loss of brain cells. Alcohol might give us awful hangovers but only an alcoholic can suffer brain damage despite no neuronal loss.

There appears to be more evidence that even if you lose brain cells from harmful toxic substances your brain does have an ability to grow new cells and stimulates neurogenesis

If you abuse a lot of drugs and alcohol, you may do some damage to others (which has problems for you), but If you stop and only if you stop early enough, eventually your brain has the ability to repair itself and function well.  This doesn’t mean it is a good idea to go out and do try things. You might just die not knowing which is worse and which are not so bad.

If you have already taken harmful substances, don’t panic. Get help and there is a good chance your brain will forgive you and eventually fix itself but it will take time.

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