What food contains is worth checking if you have any reactions

Bruises on your body that appear without you being hit might be due to what food you ate.

How to use the table below

The table lists what food together with a list of components.  We are not advising you or recommending you to do anything. This information is general knowledge in an easy to follow system to enable you to understand what components are in our food. The table is not a scientific exercise and is only a guide  as to how much is in each item.. A doctor will tell you what you should be careful of. Sometimes they will say limit your Salicylate to a certain level. The table gives you a guide. Note some items are not complete or may not be very accurate as foods vary.  See General disclaimer

This is part 3 of An Alternative health-care idea where you manage your own health working with the doctors selected by you  


If you have a copy of this table add any new product or edit any information obtained elsewhere Follow the methodology to ensure that when sorted the new item will be in correct order. e.g.  Not “Golden delicious apple” but “Apple, Golden Delicious”

Salicylate %

Aspirin and similar medicine are made from Salicylates. What is not always known is that Salicylates are also found in foods from plants: most fruit, some vegetables, herbs, spices, tea and flavour additives. A doctor will determine if you are unable to take Salicylates and recommend a level above which you should not consume. A couple of things; The measure is in grams per 100 grams (%); some items may be very high but they might be used in small amount (like Mint 9.5% but as you don’t use much let’s say 10 grams you add less than 1 g 0.95 g); with Salicylate the usage adds up therefore be careful you don’t exceed the daily level. If you take Warfarin or similar blood thinning medication you need to avoid salicylates as they thin your blood


Vasoactive amines such as tyramine, serotonin and histamine are well known and occur naturally in many foods including pineapples, bananas, baked meat, vegetables, wine avocados, chocolate, citrus fruits and mature cheese. Amines can act directly on small blood vessels to expand their capacity. If you have an Amine problem you may be restricted to only those products that are LOW or VERY LOW.


Glutamates are the main component of many proteins and is also produced in the body, playing an essential role in human metabolism. When organic materials break down, the glutamate molecule breaks apart and results in L-Glutamate. This can happen during the cooking, ripening, or ageing process of foods. L-Glutamate delivers the savoury taste characteristic of glutamates.

Unfortunately some people react badly to food manufactured using artificial glutamates (A well-known member of this group is Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG, additive numbers 620 and 621)

Carbs %

Carbohydrates: There is a lot of scientific evidence that a LOW CARBOHYDRATE diet is the best option for people who want to lose weight, optimise health and lower the risk of disease.

Fibre %

It is important to have fibre in your diet to ensure good digestion. Many researchers suggest that we should aim to consume 30 grams per day. (Other suggest a combination of soluble and insoluble fibres). Note: The measurement is in grams per 100 ( % ) therefore Bran provides 4.4 g of fibre if you eat 100 g of it but Tofu is 1.8g fibre (Bean Sprouts more fibre) perhaps more enjoyable for some. Porridge a good old standby only provides 1.7 g of fibre per 100 consumed. Because of this most people do not eat enough fibre. More fibre doesn’t mean better results in fact too much is just a bad as not enough


This is a list of known minerals in food products. If you blood tests show you need certain minerals look up the chart and put this item on your shopping list. Better that popping a pill.

Ying Yan

The Chinese have determined that some foods will heat your blood (Lamb) whilst others will cool (Asparagus). Eating Lamb on a very hot day is therefore not recommend

How to use colours

Some people have found that foods of a certain colour cause them problems. For example let’s say you are allergic to Avocado: Check your reaction to what food is purple such as figs, mulberries, etc. Some viewers report finding this very useful when eating in a restaurant as the coloured food is easily identified

Part 1: Low Cost Health Care Part 2: Artificial Vitamins & Food Numbers



Products Salicylate % Amine Glutamates Fibre % Carbs/100g Ying Yang Minerals What food Colour
Agar 0 Low
Agave nectar Very Low
Allspice 5.2
Almond oil 0 Very High
Aloe Vera
Amaranth Cold (Yin)
Amasake Hot (Yang)
Anise High Hot (Yang)
Aniseed 22.8
Apple, Golden Delicious 0.08 Low S 2.4 9 Cold (Yin) Chromium YELLOW
Apple, Granny Smith 0.59 S 2.4 9 Chromium LGREEN
Apple, home ? Very Low S 2.4 9 Chromium YELLOW
Apple, Jonathan 0.38 Very Low S 2.4 9 Chromium RED
Apple, juice, homemade 0.19 Low S 2.4 9 Chromium CLEAR
Apple, Red Delicious 0.19 Very Low S 2.4 9 Chromium RED
Apple, sauce, homemade ? Very Low Chromium
Apricot 2.58 High S 2 6 Balanced Iron YELLOW
Apricot, canned 1.42 High 2 28 Iron YELLOW
Apricot, Nectar 0.14 High Iron YELLOW
Arrowroot 0 WHITE
Artichoke Very Low 1 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Artichoke (steamed) Very Low 1 WHITE
Artificial food colours High
Ascorbic acid Very Low WHITE
Asparagus 0.14 Very Low 1 1 Cold (Yin) Chromium LGREEN
Asparagus, canned 0.32 Very Low S 1 LGREEN
Avocado (just ripe) 0.6 High S 6.7 2 Copper PURPLE
Avocado (ripe, soft) 0.6 Very High S 6.7 2 Cold (Yin) Copper PURPLE
Bacon Very High 0 PINK
Bamboo shoot (fresh) 0 Very Low 5 LGREEN
Bamboo shoots 0 Very Low Cold (Yin) LGREEN
Banana (just ripe) 0 Moderate Moderate S 2.6 19 Cold (Yin) YELLOW
Banana (ripe) 0 High High S 2.6 19 YELLOW
Banana, Dried 1 Very High Very High YELLOW
Barley 0 S 2 28 Cold (Yin) Magnesium, Silicon YELLOW
Basil 3.4 Very Low Hot (Yang) GREEN
Bay leaf 2.52 Hot (Yang) DGREEN
Beans, baked ? S 7.3 10 Iron, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Potassium YELLOW
Beans, Black 0 S 8.7 Hot (Yang) BLACK
Beans, broad 0.73 Very High 4 7 LBROWN
Beans, butter ? WHITE
Beans, French 0.11 9.4 1 GREEN
Beans, green 0.11 Very Low S Hot (Yang) GREEN
Beans, Kidney ? S 7.5 17 Boron PURPLE
Beans, Lima 0 S Cold (Yin) Molybdenum GREEN
Beans, Mung 0 6.5 11 Cold (Yin) PURPLE
Beans, Mung, Sprouts 0.06 Very Low Very Low 11 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Beans, Red High RED
Beans, snake ? GREEN
Beans, Soya 0 Low S 17.5 11 Cold (Yin) Phosphorous LGREEN
Beans, string ? GREEN
Beans, White ? WHITE
Beef, aged 0 0 0 Cobalt, Iron, Phosphorous, Zinc RED
Beef, Dripping 0 0 WHITE
Beef, raw 0 Low 0 0 Cobalt, Iron, Phosphorous, Zinc RED
Beef, Silverside, boiled 0 0 RED
Beef, Sirloin, roast 0 0 RED
Beef, Tendon Very High 0 RED
Beef, Tripe Very Low 0 0 WHITE
Beef, Veal Low 0 0 Cobalt, Iron RED
Beefburger 0 7 RED
Beetroot,  Boiled 0.18 S 4 10 Potassium PURPLE
Beetroot, Canned 0.32 S 2.8 8 Potassium PURPLE
Beetroot, Fresh 0.11 Potassium PURPLE
Berries, Black currant Low Very High 7 PURPLE
Berries, Blackberry 1.86 Very High 6 Hot (Yang) PURPLE
Berries, Blueberry 2.76 Cold (Yin) BLUE
Berries, Boysenberry 2.04 High Very High GREEN
Berries, Elderberry 0 PURPLE
Berries, Gooseberry LGREEN
Berries, Juniper berry
Berries, Lingonberry Very High 2
Berries, Loganberry 4.4 High 3.8 3 Hot (Yang)
Berries, Mulberry, fresh 0.76 Cold (Yin) PURPLE
Berries, Raspberry, canned 3.88 Very High 8 23 Hot (Yang) RED
Berries, Raspberry, Fresh 5.14 Very High 7 6 RED
Berries, Strawberries, canned High 2 23 RED
Berries, Strawberries, fresh 1.36 High 2 6 Cold (Yin) RED
Bitter Gourd Cold (Yin) GREEN
Bok Choy Cold (Yin) GREEN
Bouillon (stock)
Bran (Wheat) S 4.4 27 BROWN
Bread mixes containing maize Moderate
Bread, Brown 0 48 BROWN
Bread, French, homemade WHITE
Bread, Roll 0 57 WHITE
Bread, Sourdough WHITE
Bread, White 0 53 WHITE
Bread, wholemeal 0 47 LBROWN
Broccoli 0.65 High High S 4 2 Cold (Yin) Calcium, Potassium GREEN
Brussels sprouts 0.07 Low Low S 3 2 Potassium GREEN
Buckwheat 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium LBROWN
Butter Low 0 YELLOW
Buttermilk WHITE
Cabbage Very Low 3 3 Cold (Yin) GREEN
Cabbage, Chinese Very Low 3 3 Cold (Yin) Calcium LGREEN
Cabbage, fermented (Sauerkraut) 1 Very High Very High LGREEN
Cabbage, green 0 Very Low 3 Calcium GREEN
Cabbage, Red 0.08 Very Low 3 Cold (Yin) PURPLE
Cabbage, Savoy 3 3 Calcium GREEN
Cabbage, White Very Low 3 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Cake, Cheesecake 0 35 WHITE
Cake, custard tart 0 17 YELLOW
Cake, Éclair 0 38 WHITE
Cake, fruit 0 58 MOTTLED
Cake, lamington 0 56 DBROWN
Cake, Lemon meringue pie 0 96
Cake, Meringue 0 96 WHITE
Cake, Sago pudding 0 20 WHITE
Cake, sponge 0 53 YELLOW
Cake, Trifle 0 24 MOTTLED
Capers Hot (Yang) GREEN
Capsicum, Red, Yellow, Green 0.75 Silicon
Caramels 0.12
Caraway 2.82 Hot (Yang)
Cardamom 7.7 GREEN
Carob 0 Low Hot (Yang)
Carob powder 0 Low
Carrot 0.23 Very Low S 3 5 Cold (Yin) Silicon ORANGE
Carrot, Purple 0 PURPLE
Cauliflower 0.16 High 2 2 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Celeriac, knob celery Very Low 5 2 Sodium LGREEN
Celery 0 Very Low Very Low 2 1 Cold (Yin) Sodium LGREEN
Cereal, Cornflakes 0 87 YELLOW
Cereal, Muesli 0 56 MOTTLED
Cereal, Wheat based 0 75 YELLOW
Chard, beet greens Very High GREEN
Cheese Cheddar 0 Very High 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium YELLOW
Cheese, Blue vein 0.05 Very High 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium MOTTLED
Cheese, Camembert 0.01 Very High 0 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium, Chromium, Sodium WHITE
Cheese, Cottage 0 Very Low 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium WHITE
Cheese, Cream Very Low 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium WHITE
Cheese, Edam Very High 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium WHITE
Cheese, Emmental Very Low 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium YELLOW
Cheese, Feta Moderate 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium WHITE
Cheese, Fresh, unfermented Low 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium WHITE
Cheese, Goat Moderate 0 0 WHITE
Cheese, Gouda Very Low 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium WHITE
Cheese, Gruyere Very Low 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium YELLOW
Cheese, Haloumi 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium YELLOW
Cheese, Jalsberg Very Low 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium YELLOW
Cheese, Mascarpone Low 0 3 Calcium, Chromium, Silicon WHITE
Cheese, Mild High 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium YELLOW
Cheese, Mozzarella 0.02 Very High 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium YELLOW
Cheese, Parmesan Very High 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium YELLOW
Cheese, Rennet, cow 0 0 Cold (Yin) CLEAR
Cheese, Ricotta Low 0 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium, Chromium, Sodium WHITE
Cheese, Roquefort Very High 0 0 Calcium, Chromium, Sodium YELLOW
Cheese, Sheep 0 0 WHITE
Cheese, Swiss Very High 0 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Sodium YELLOW
Cherry, Morello, or dark red 0.3 High 0 Cold (Yin) PURPLE
Cherry, sweet 0.85 High Cold (Yin) RED
Cherry, Sweet, canned 2.78 High Cold (Yin) GREY
Chestnut 8.1 Hot (Yang) Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc BROWN
Chia Low WHITE
Chia seeds
Chicken, boiled 0 Low 0 Hot (Yang) Iron, Molybdenum WHITE
Chicken, nuggets Very High 10 YELLOW
Chicken, skin on Very High Hot (Yang) Iron, Molybdenum WHITE
Chicken, skinless 0 Low Iron, Molybdenum WHITE
Chicory 1.02 Very Low
Chilli, Cayenne 3 1 RED
Chilli, dry flakes 1.38 RED
Chilli, Habanero 1 1 RED
Chilli, Jalapeño 1 RED
Chilli, pepper 1 Hot (Yang) RED
Chives 0.031 Low Low Hot (Yang)
Chocolate, dark Very High Hot (Yang) BLACK
Chocolate, Kit Kat DBROWN
Chocolate, Lindt, Swiss made High Hot (Yang) DBROWN
Choko 0.01 Low Low GREEN
Choy sum 0 Very High GREEN
Chutney, Tomato 0 40 RED
Cilantro leaf Very Low
Cinnamaldehyde High
Cinnamon 15.2 High BROWN
Clams Very Low Cold (Yin) WHITE
Cloves Very High Hot (Yang) DBROWN
Cocoa 0.006 Very High Hot (Yang) DBROWN
Cocoa bean Hot (Yang) DBROWN
Coconut 0.25 Hot (Yang) WHITE
Coconut, fresh 0.15 High Hot (Yang) WHITE
Coconut, fresh, top cut High Hot (Yang) WHITE
Coconut, milk (can) Hot (Yang) WHITE
Coconut, oil Very High 0 Hot (Yang) CLEAR
Coconut, processed Very High Hot (Yang) WHITE
Confection. Boiled lollies 0 87
Confection. Butterscotch 0 90
Confection. Caramel 0 77
Confection. Carob bar 0 37
Confection. Chocolate, milk, squares 0 59
Confection. Fruit & Honey bar 0 25
Confection. Jelly beans 0 90
Confection. Liquorice allsorts 0 74
Confection. Pastille 0 62
Confection. Peppermint 0 100
Confection. Popcorn, plain unsalted 0 85
Confection. Sesame Bar 0 23
Confection. Toffee, mixed 0 71
Coriander 0.02 Hot (Yang) GREEN
Corn 0.13 Very Low High Cold (Yin) Potassium YELLOW
Corn, chips 0.25 High YELLOW
Corn, purple Very High PURPLE
Corn, Sweetcorn, on the cob 0.13 Very High 29 Boron, Iron, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Phosphorous YELLOW
Cornmeal Very High YELLOW
Cranberry 0.5 High 10 Cold (Yin) PURPLE
Cranberry juice 0 High PURPLE
Cranberry Sauce or Canned .5 Very High PURPLE
Crumpets 0 52 YELLOW
Cucumber, home grown 0.78 Very Low 0.5 2 Cold (Yin) GREEN
Cumin 45 Hot (Yang)
Curry 2.18 YELLOW
Curry leaf GREEN
Curry powder (w/ mustard) High 26 YELLOW
Curry powder (w/o mustard) High YELLOW
Custard apple 0.21 High CLEAR
Custard, milk based, homemade 4 YELLOW
Daikon radish Cold (Yin) WHITE
Date 3.73 Very High Hot (Yang) BROWN
Dill seed, fresh 6.9 Hot (Yang)
Dill seed, powder 94.4
Doughnut 0 49
Dragon fruit 1 High CLEAR
Dressing, French 0 0
Dressing, Mayonnaise High 0 Hot (Yang)
Dressing, Salad Cream 0 15
Drinks, Alcoholic, Cider 0.18 Very High 3
Drinks, Cider, sweetened 0 12
Drinks, Club soda Low
Drinks, Coca-Cola Very High 11
Drinks, Cocoa Powder 0.01 12
Drinks, Coffee Moderate Hot (Yang)
Drinks, Coffee, (decaf) 0 Low
Drinks, Coffee, instant 0.25 Hot (Yang)
Drinks, Coffee, percolated 0
Drinks, Cordial, fruit
Drinks, fizzy
Drinks, Milk chocolate Very High 77
Drinks, Milk, Chocolates High Hot (Yang)
Drinks, Milo (usually with milk) 0.01 High 68
Drinks, Ovaltine 0
Drinks, Ovaltine 0.01 79
Drinks, Tea, Different makers 3 High 0
Drinks, Tea, green, Chinese 1.9 High 0 Cold (Yin)
Drinks, Tea, Herbal, Chamomile 0.006 High 0
Drinks, Tea, Oolong 1 High 0 Cold (Yin)
Drinks, Tea, Rooibos ? High 0
Drinks, Water, Sparkling Very Low
Drinks, Water, unfiltered in WA Copper
Duck Moderate 0 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Durian Very Low LGREEN
Dyes and food colours High
Egg 0
Egg , Chicken, yolk 0 Cold (Yin) Chromium, Cobalt, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Zinc YELLOW
Egg, Chicken, raw 0 0 Cold (Yin) Chromium, Cobalt, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Zinc
Egg, chicken, white 0 CLEAR
Egg, Duck 0 Cold (Yin)
Egg, Goose 0 Cold (Yin)
Egg, Quail 0 Cold (Yin)
Eggplant, no skin 0.3 Very High Very High S 0.3 4 PURPLE
Eggplant, with skin 0.88 Very High Very High S 0.5 4 Cold (Yin) PURPLE
Endive (See lettuce) 1.9 Very Low 2 1 Cold (Yin) DGREEN
Epsom Salts WHITE
Fava beans Very High
Fennel 0.8 Very Low Hot (Yang)
Fenugreek 12.2 Hot (Yang)
Figs, dried 0.64 High S 1.9 53 Magnesium PURPLE
Figs, fresh 0.18 High 10 Cold (Yin) Magnesium PURPLE
Fish, (dried) High
Fish, (frozen) High
Fish, (very fresh) Low
Fish, Anchovy Very High Hot (Yang)
Fish, Bream 0
Fish, cakes 0 15
Fish, Carp
Fish, Cod, codling 0
Fish, Crab Low Cold (Yin) RED
Fish, Crayfish Copper RED
Fish, Eel Hot (Yang) BLACK
Fish, fingers 0 17 YELLOW
Fish, fried in butter 0 8
Fish, Haddock
Fish, Hake
Fish, Halibut
Fish, Herring High
Fish, Lobster Low Hot (Yang) RED
Fish, Mackerel High
Fish, marinades Very High
Fish, Mussels Low Hot (Yang) Iron PURPLE
Fish, Mussels, Blue Very Low PURPLE
Fish, Ocean perch Low
Fish, Octopus, fresh Very Low Cold (Yin) PINK
Fish, Oysters 0 Low Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Molybdenum, Zinc GREY
Fish, Plaice
Fish, Prawns, fresh 0.04 Very High Hot (Yang) Chromium PINK
Fish, Prawns, frozen Very High Chromium PINK
Fish, Red Snapper Very Low
Fish, roe Very High
Fish, Salmon, canned 0 Cobalt LBROWN
Fish, Salmon, farmed, fresh High Cobalt
Fish, Salmon, wild, fresh Moderate Cobalt
Fish, Sardine Moderate Calcium, Phosphorous, Sodium
Fish, Sardines, canned High Calcium, Cobalt, Phosphorous, Sodium
Fish, Sashimi (very fresh) Moderate
Fish, Scallops 0.02 Low Hot (Yang) Chromium
Fish, Sea bass Low
Fish, Shark
Fish, Sole
Fish, Squid, octopus Very Low
Fish, sticks High
Fish, Swordfish
Fish, Trout
Fish, Tuna fish, fresh Moderate Phosphorous, Sodium
Fish, Tuna, canned 0 Very High Phosphorous, Sodium
Fish, White fish
Five Spice 30.8 Very High
Flax Seeds S
Flour, cornflour 0 87 WHITE
Fresh ginger 4.5 Hot (Yang) Manganese, Zinc GREEN
Frog Cold (Yin)
Fruit wines Very High
Gai choy (mustard greens) Very High GREEN
Gai lan (Chinese broccoli) 1 High High GREEN
Garam masala 66.8
Garden cress GREEN
Garlic 0.1 Low Low Hot (Yang) Phosphorous WHITE
Gelatine Low 0 CLEAR
Ghee Low WHITE
Gherkin 6.14 DGREEN
Glycerine CLEAR
Goat Hot (Yang)
Goose Hot (Yang)
Grapefruit 0.68 Very High S 3 Cold (Yin) YELLOW
Grapefruit, Pink Very High S 3 YELLOW
Grapes, Currants, dried 5.8 8 63 Cold (Yin) PURPLE
Grapes, green, peeled 1.88 High LGREEN
Grapes, Raisins 0 Very High Very High 7 64 Boron, Chromium PURPLE
Grapes, red skin High Hot (Yang) PURPLE
Grapes, red, peeled 0.94 High Hot (Yang) PURPLE
Grapes, seedless, peeled High
Grapes, Sultanas, Dried 1 Very High Very High 7 65 LBROWN
Grapes, Sultanas. 1 Very High Very High LBROWN
Gravies Very High
Guava 1 Very Low S 16
Guava, canned 2.02 Very Low S
Ham High 0 Hot (Yang) PINK
Hamburger, cheese 0 22
Hamburger, plain 0 0
Honey 3 LBROWN
Horseradish 0.14 High Hot (Yang)
Ice cream, Peters, Plain 25 WHITE
Ice-cream, non-dairy 21 WHITE
Jackfruit 1 High High
Jam 1 Very High Very High
Jasmine Hot (Yang)
Jellies 1 Very High Very High
Jerusalem artichoke
Kale, curled kale Low Hot (Yang) DGREEN
Kale, Purple PURPLE
Kangaroo High
Kidney 0 High Cobalt PURPLE
Kidney beans Low PURPLE
Kiwi fruit 0.32 Very High Very High GREEN
Kohlrabi (Turnip cabbage) 0.15 Low Hot (Yang)
Kumquat 0.15 Hot (Yang) ORANGE
Lamb 0 Low 0 Hot (Yang) Cobalt, Iron, Molybdenum RED
Lard, pork 0 0 WHITE
Lavender 1 Very High VIOLET
Leek 0.08 Very Low Very Low 4 5 Hot (Yang) LGREEN
Lemon 0.18 Very High 5 3 Cold (Yin) YELLOW
Lemon,  balm
Lemon,  curd Very High YELLOW
Lemon, Candied peel YELLOW
Lemongrass Very Low GREEN
Lentil 0 S 4 17 Molybdenum
Lettuce, Butterhead 0 0.8 1
Lettuce, Cooked 0 0.8 1
Lettuce, Endive 0 0.8 1 Cold (Yin)
lettuce, iceberg 0 Very Low Very Low 0.8 1
Lettuce, Romaine / Cos 0 2 1 Cold (Yin)
Lettuce, spring mix (box) Moderate 0.8 1
Lima beans
Lime High DGREEN
Linseed Moderate
Liqueurs Very High
Liquid smoke Low
Liquorice Nibs 1 Very High
Liver, calves 0.05 High Very High Cobalt PURPLE
Liver, Chicken Very High Very High 3 PURPLE
Liver, Pork High High 0 Cobalt, Iron PURPLE
Liver, Sheep's Cobalt PURPLE
Longan, fruit Very Low 6 Hot (Yang) CLEAR
Loquat 0.26 Very Low CLEAR
Lotus root 0.15 Low Cold (Yin)
Lotus seed Hot (Yang)
Lunch meat (processed) Very High
Lychee 0.36 Low 1 18 Hot (Yang) CLEAR
Macadamia nut 0.52 High WHITE
Mace 32.2
Maize 0.43 Very Low Very High YELLOW
Maize Flour Very High YELLOW
Malt Extract LBROWN
Malt sugar
Mandarin 1 Very High 11 ORANGE
Mandarin orange Very High ORANGE
Mango 0.11 Low 0 Potassium YELLOW
Mango 0.11 High S 2 15 Cold (Yin) YELLOW
Maple syrup 0 BROWN
Margarine 0 0 WHITE
Margarine WHITE
Marjoram Cold (Yin)
Marrow (plant) 0.17 Low 0.5 1 Cold (Yin) GREEN
Meat extracts Very High
Meat, Deep-fried or grilled 0 Hot (Yang)
Melon, Cantaloupe Very Low Cold (Yin) YELLOW
Melon, honeydew 1 LGREEN
Melon, rock-melon (cantaloupe) 1.5 Very Low YELLOW
Melon, Watermelon 0.48 Very Low 0 3 Cold (Yin) RED
Metamucil S 72 0
Milk cooked 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium WHITE
Milk sour products (cow) Low 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium WHITE
Milk, Camel‘s 0 WHITE
Milk, cow Low 0 5 Cold (Yin) Calcium WHITE
Milk, cow, condensed, sweet 0 56 WHITE
Milk, cow, Cream 0 Low 0 35 Cold (Yin) Calcium WHITE
Milk, cow, long-life 0 5 WHITE
Milk, cow, shake, flavoured 0 17
Milk, cow, skim 0 5 WHITE
Milk, cow, skim, condensed, sweet 0 60 WHITE
Milk, cow, skim, dried 0 53 WHITE
Milk, cow. Dried 0 38 WHITE
Milk, flavoured 0 10
Milk, goat Low 0 5 Hot (Yang) WHITE
Milk, sheep 0 Hot (Yang) WHITE
Milk, soy Low 0 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Millet 0
Mint 9.4 Very Low Cold (Yin) GREEN
Miso Very High
Miso soup Cold (Yin)
Mixed Herbs 55.6
Molasses 0.22 Hot (Yang) Chromium
Mushrooms, Butter 1 Very High Very High 2.4 0 Cold (Yin) Chromium, Phosphorous, Potassium WHITE
Mushrooms, Button 1 Very High Very High 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium WHITE
Mushrooms, field 1 Very High Very High 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium LBROWN
Mushrooms, oyster 1 Very High Very High 0 Hot (Yang) Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium LBROWN
Mushrooms, Shiitake 1 Very High Very High 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium LBROWN
Mushrooms, white 0.24 Very High Very High 0 Cold (Yin) Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium WHITE
Mustard High Hot (Yang) YELLOW
Mustard green 1 Very High Hot (Yang) GREEN
Mustard seed Very High Hot (Yang)
Mustard, Yellow 26 Very High Hot (Yang) YELLOW
Nectarine 3 Low S 2 11 Hot (Yang) INDEGO
Non-alcoholic alcohols High
Noodles (rice/quinoa) Low 8 WHITE
Nut butters Very High
Nutmeg 2.4 High Hot (Yang) BROWN
Nuts, Almond 3.0 High 14.5 Boron, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous BROWN
Nuts, Brazil 0.46 9 Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Selenium BROWN
Nuts, Cashew 0.07 Low 0 Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous WHITE
Nuts, Cashew kernels 0.07 Low 0 Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous WHITE
Nuts, Cashews, raw 0.07 Low 0 Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous WHITE
Nuts, Cashews, roasted 0 High 0 Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous WHITE
Nuts, Cashews, unsalted Low 0 Copper, Iron, Phosphorous WHITE
Nuts, Hazelnut 0.14 S 6 Boron LBROWN
Nuts, Peanut High 5.5 Chromium LBROWN
Nuts, Peanut butter 0.23 High 7.5 YELLOW
Nuts, Peanuts, raw, 1.12 High 5.5 LBROWN
Nuts, Pecan, fresh 0.12 Very Low Copper, Manganese LBROWN
Nuts, Pistachio 0 GREEN
Nuts, Walnut, English 1 High 5 LBROWN
Oatmeal, flavoured 1
Oatmeal, plain 0 Low 1 Manganese, Molybdenum MOTTLED
Oats, Porridge 0 Low S 1.7 8 Manganese WHITE
Oil, Canola 0 0
Oil, Canola oil Low 0
Oil, Chilli 1 High 0
Oil, flaxseed 0
Oil, Grapeseed Oil Very High 0 0
Oil, Olive Very High 0 0 Sodium
Oil, Palm Tree 0 0
Oil, Safflower 0.15 Low 0 0
Oil, Sesame 1 High 0 0 Cold (Yin)
Oil, Soybean 1 High 0 0 Phosphorous
Oil, Sunflower 0.15 Low 0 0
Oil, Sunflower oil Low 0 0
Oil, Vegetable oil 0 0
Okra, lady‘s finger 0.59 Low S 3.2 GREEN
Olive, black 0.34 High 4 0 Sodium BLACK
Olive, green 1.29 High 4 0 Sodium OLIVE
Olive, stuffed Very High 0 Sodium
Onion, brown 1 1.5 5 WHITE
Onion, Cooked 1 2.5 3 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Onion, Green onion l Low 1.5 Hot (Yang) GREEN
Onion, Raw 0.16 High 5 Hot (Yang) WHITE
Onion, red High Hot (Yang) WHITE
Onion, Spring 0.03 Low 2 Hot (Yang) GREEN
Onion. White Low WHITE
Orange 2.39 Very High S 2 6 Cold (Yin) ORANGE
Orange, (navel) Very High S 2 ORANGE
Orange, Blood orange Very High ORANGE
Orange, home Very High S 2 ORANGE
Orange, juice Very High 9 CLEAR
Oregano 66 Hot (Yang) GREEN
Paprika, spice, dry powder 203 RED
Paprika, spice, sweet, powder 5.7 RED
Parsley 0.15 Very Low 9 0 Hot (Yang) GREEN
Parsnip 0.15 Very Low 2.5 14 Hot (Yang) Silicon YELLOW
Passionfruit 1 Very High S 10.4 3 PURPLE
Pasta, macaroni 0 25 YELLOW
Pasta, spaghetti 0 26 YELLOW
Pasta. Macaroni, cheese Very High 2 15 YELLOW
Pasties, any 0 31
Pastry, flaky 0 41
Pastry, short-crust 0 32
Pawpaw (Papaya) High 1.7 11 Calcium, Copper, Magnesium YELLOW
Pawpaw, dried High Very High YELLOW
Peach, canned 0.68 Very Low S 1 23 YELLOW
Peach, Dried 0 53 YELLOW
Peach, fresh 0.58 Very Low S 1 8 YELLOW
Peach, Nectar, homemade 0.1 Very Low YELLOW
Pear, canned in syrup (not juice) 0 Very Low Low WHITE
Pear, Nashi 0.15 S 2 8 WHITE
Pear, Packham, fresh, no skin 0 Very Low S 2 8 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Pear, Packham, fresh, skin on 0.27 Very Low S 2 8 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Pear, William, skin on 0.31 Very Low S 2 8 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Peas, black-eyed Very Low 8
Peas, Chickpeas S 6 22
Peas, frozen Very Low Moderate 5 4 GREEN
Peas, green, dried, split 0 Very Low Moderate 8.3 4 Molybdenum, Phosphorous GREEN
Peas, green, fresh 0.04 Very Low Moderate 4 GREEN
Peas, shoots 0 Very Low Moderate 4 GREEN
Peas, Snow peas Very Low Moderate 4 Cold (Yin) GREEN
Peas, Sweet peas 0 Very Low 4 Molybdenum GREEN
Peas, yellow, dried, split, boiled 0.02 Very Low Moderate 22 YELLOW
Pepper, black Low 68 Hot (Yang) BLACK
Pepper, Cayenne High Hot (Yang) RED
Pepper, Green/yellow 0.62 High Very High 2 Hot (Yang) GREEN
Pepper, white High 68 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Peppermint Cold (Yin)
Peppers, (hot, fresh)
Peppers, (sweet, fresh)
Peppers, red 0.6 High Very High Hot (Yang)
Persimmon 0.18 Cold (Yin)
Pickles, mustard 0 8
Pickles, sweet 0 34
Pie, meat, any 0 18
Pie, Pork 0 25
Pie, Steak and Kidney 0 26
Pimiento 0.15
Pine nut 0.15 High Hot (Yang)
Pineapple 2.1 Very High 1 12 Cold (Yin) YELLOW
Pineapple juice 0.16 Very High 13 CLEAR
Pineapple, canned 1.36 Very High 1 20 YELLOW
Pistachio 0.55 High GREEN
Pizza, cheeses and tomato 0 25
Plum, prunes, Dried 1 Very High Very High S 4 34 PURPLE
Plum, Prunes, stewed High S 4 17 Cold (Yin) Chromium PURPLE
Plum, Satsuma [Red] 0.21 Very High Very High S 4 9 Cold (Yin) PURPLE
Plum, Yellow Very High Very High S 4 Cold (Yin) YELLOW
Polenta Very High
Pomegranate 0.07 Very Low Hot (Yang) RED
Pomelo Very High
Popcorn, artif. flavours High Very High
Popcorn, plain Low
Poppy seeds 0 Low
Pork 0 High Very High Cold (Yin) Cobalt, Iron PINK
Pork, all cuts 0 0 PINK
Pork, Sweet and sour 0 18
Port Very High
Potato, , baked 0 20 WHITE
Potato, canned 0 14 WHITE
Potato, chips, fried 0 37 YELLOW
Potato, Crisps, plain 0.15 Very Low 49 YELLOW
Potato, fresh, boiled 0 20 WHITE
Potato, instant, cooked 0 16 WHITE
Potato, mashed 0 18 WHITE
Potato, New or Baby 0.2 High High Potassium WHITE
Potato, new, boiled 0 18 WHITE
Potato, purple or dark red Moderate Potassium PURPLE
Potato, red Moderate Potassium
Potato, Sweet potato 0.48 Very Low S 3.3 20 Hot (Yang) Potassium
Potato, white, large, no peel 0 Very Low Cold (Yin) Copper, Potassium
Potato, white, large, peel on 0.12 Low S 2 Potassium
Prickly pear
Psyllium S 22 0 LBROWN
Pumpkin 0.12 High 2.2 3 Hot (Yang) YELLOW
Pumpkin, butternut High High 2.2 YELLOW
Pumpkin, Japanese High 2.2 GREEN
Pumpkin, Qld Blue High 2.2 GREEN
Pumpkin, seeds High Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc LBROWN
Purslane (Natural Omega 3) GREEN
Quail High
Quiche Lorraine 0 21
Quince 7 6 Hot (Yang) GREY
Quinoa Low Hot (Yang)
Rabbit Low 0 Cold (Yin)
Radicchio Low
Radish red 1.24 Very Low 1 3 RED
Radish white Very Low 1 3 WHITE
Rambutan 0 Very Low
Rhubarb 0.13 Very Low 3 1 Cold (Yin) Calcium RED
Rice Milk Very Low WHITE
Rice vinegar 1 Hot (Yang) CLEAR
Rice, Brown rice Very High S Manganese BROWN
Rice, Brown rice syrup
Rice, Sweet/glutinous rice Hot (Yang) WHITE
Rice, White High S 1 30 WHITE
Rocket 1 High GREEN
Rose hip
Rosemary 68 Hot (Yang)
Safflower Hot (Yang)
Safflower oil Low 0
Saffron 0 Low RED
Sage 21.7 Hot (Yang) GREEN
Sake Very High 0
Salami Very High
Salt, sea Low 0 0 Cold (Yin) Sodium WHITE
Sauce, Bolognese 0 3
Sauce, Chilli, Tabasco 0.45 0 4
Sauce, Horseradish/Wasabi High 0 Hot (Yang)
Sauce, Relish 0
Sauce, Soya 0 0 Cold (Yin) BLACK
Sauce, Sweet Chilli 0 6 RED
Sauce, Tartare High 0 6
Sauce, Tomato 0 8 RED
Sauce, Worcestershire 64.3 0 18 BLACK
Sauce,, Soy 0 10 BLACK
Sausage Very High
Saveloy 0 10
Savory Very High
Schnitzel 0 10
Scotch High
Seasoned meats Very High Very High
Seaweed Very High Cold (Yin) BLACK
Seaweed, Red algae (Nori) BLACK
Seaweed, roasted Very High BLACK
Seaweeds (all) 1 Very High Very High BLACK
Sesame oil Very High Calcium
Sesame seed 0.23 Moderate Calcium, Phosphorous
Shallots Low WHITE
Silver beet Manganese GREEN
Snakes, small
Sorbet WHITE
Sorghum Hot (Yang)
Soy,  milk High WHITE
Soy,  oil Low
Soy, cheese, hard High
Soy, cream cheese Low
Soy, custard Low
Soy, flour 24 Boron WHITE
Soy, yogurt Low WHITE
Spearmint Very High Hot (Yang)
Spices (bay leaves, mint, rosemary, thyme, turmeric)
Spinach 1 Very High Very High 3 1 Iron, Potassium DGREEN
Spinach, frozen 0.16 High Cold (Yin) DGREEN
Spring Roll 0 29
Squash Low Hot (Yang) YELLOW
Squash, baby 0.63 Very Low YELLOW
Squash, hard Very Low YELLOW
Squash, spaghetti Very Low YELLOW
Squash, summer squash Very Low YELLOW
Starfruit 0.15 Very Low
Stew, Irish 0 9
Sugar, (raw) 1 Moderate BROWN
Sugar, (refined, white) 0 Low WHITE
Sugar, Brown 0.1 Very High Hot (Yang) BROWN
Sugar, Cane sugar WHITE
Sugar, Golden Syrup, CSR 0.1 LBROWN
Sugar, Malt Hot (Yang)
Sugarcane Cold (Yin) CLEAR
Sunflower seeds 0.12 High Molybdenum, Zinc
Swede 0 Low 4 MOTTLED
Sweet chestnut BROWN
Taco Shells 0.25
Tamarillo 0.1 High
Tamarind Low Cold (Yin)
Tandoori spice 0 Very High
Tangelo 0.72 Very High
Tangerine Very High Cold (Yin)
Tannin 0
Tapioca, cassava
Taro Low Magnesium
Tarragon 34.8
Tea, Twining's, English Breakfast 3.0 High 0
Tempeh High 0
Thyme 183 Hot (Yang)
Tofu,  ice cream (plain/vanilla) Low Cold (Yin) WHITE
Tofu, firm Moderate S 1.8 WHITE
Tofu, soft Low S 1.8 WHITE
Tomatillos Very High
Tomatoes,  canned 0.53 Very High High 1.5 2 RED
Tomatoes,  Cooked Very High High 1.5 3 Hot (Yang) RED
Tomatoes,  green Very High High 1.5 GREEN
Tomatoes,  paste 0.54 Very High High 1.5 RED
Tomatoes,  puree Very High High 1.5 RED
Tomatoes,  Red Giant 0.13 Very High High 1.5 3 Potassium RED
Tomatoes,  Roma 0.13 Very High High 1.5 3 Potassium RED
Tomatoes, cherry 0.13 Very High High 1.5 3 Potassium RED
Tomatoes, Dried Very High Very High 1.5 Cold (Yin) RED
Tomatoes, juice, Heinz 0.12 Very High High RED
Truffles (mushrooms) Very High BROWN
Turkey Low 0 Hot (Yang)
Turmeric 76.4 YELLOW
Turnip 0.16 S 2 2 Cold (Yin) Silicon WHITE
Vanilla 1.44 Low
Vegetable juice Very High
Vegetables, pickled 1 Very High Very High
Veggie stock (carton) High
Venison High Hot (Yang)
Vine leaves GREEN
Vinegar, Chemical Very High WHITE
Vinegar, malt 0 Very High LBROWN
Vinegar, white 1.33 Very High WHITE
Walnut 0.3 Very High Hot (Yang) LBROWN
Walnut oil Very High LBROWN
Walnut, English High LBROWN
Water chestnuts 2.92 Very Low Cold (Yin) WHITE
Watercress 0.84 Very Low Hot (Yang)
Wheat germ Low Cold (Yin) Molybdenum
Wheat, All-Bran, Kellogg's 0 Very Low 79 72 Iron, Magnesium, Zinc
Wheat, Bran 79 LBROWN
Wheat, Durum LBROWN
Wheat, Flour, plain, white High 75 WHITE
Wheat, Flour, self raising 74 WHITE
Wheat, Flour, Wholemeal 0 Low 10 72 Cold (Yin) Manganese WHITE
Wheat, Semolina WHITE
Wheat/Gluten (unbleached) Low YELLOW
Wild rice Cold (Yin) BLACK
Xanthan gum
Yam 4 30
Yeast Very High 22 YELLOW
Yeast (for bread) Very Low 4 YELLOW
Yeast extract Vegemite etc. 0.8 DBROWN
Yoghurt Cold (Yin) WHITE
Yoghurt, flavoured 0 11
Yoghurt, low-fat 0 18 WHITE
Yoghurt, low-fat, fruit 0 18
Yoghurt, Mundella 0 Cold (Yin) WHITE
Yoghurt, Natural, plain 0 6 WHITE
Yogurt, flavoured High Cold (Yin)
Yogurt, light, Cold (Yin) WHITE
Yogurt, whole milk, plain/vanilla Cold (Yin) WHITE
Zucchini 1.04 Low Cold (Yin) GREEN