Keep children off social media rapists seek victims for child sexual abuse



Rapist search for potential child sexual abuse victims and any other targets using on-line social media.

We strongly advise parents to not post a child's photograph and personal data on social media: Stay safe as this is real and it doesn't only mean that only children are at risk, but adults also. Elsewhere we talk about meeting people and why do we believe that the person on another computer is who they say they are? The picture above will change depending on the way you look; a pretty young well-dressed girl or an old witch

Posting what school your child attends on social media, together with all family information that is already available, makes it easy for perpetrators to approach a child and lure them away if they mention parents, sibling's names etc. Knowing the mother's name allows them to pretend to have a child at the same school. Grooming several families is a common method by paedophiles in their child sexual abuse program.

Our Organisation is preparing material to assist parents to overcome this threat. These smooth talking rapists have ways to make everyone believe they are to be trusted. For example: The Rapist might say to a child that their mother car has broken down and she can't pick them up. She asked me to pick you up because she does not want you to be late to get to Rachael's party (all of this he has learnt from Facebook.

A very simple safety tip to prevent child sexual abuse is to talk to your child about the risks of people offering to take them home. Teach them to use a secret password.  All they need to do to prove the above story by someone they do not know, is correct is to ask for the password. A simple way to use a password is for the child to ask a question. Example It can be straight to the point. "When someone comes to collect me from school my parents have asked me to use our family password. What is it?".  Another way is to say "I am ready, but mum said I can bring my friend Jane home with me today,  please wait and I will go and get her she's still inside talking to the teacher."  She walks away. If the person has been given the password he will know that this statement about Jane is a request for a password. If it is not given the child leaves and reports to the teacher. They will take immediate action as child sexual abuse is common in primary education establishments