If you do not know where you are going you will finish up somewhere else

The most important scientific articles are published after much attention has been given to the 'paper' and peer reviewed. This is to ensure that you are reading the best of information available. Court judgements provide what is referred to as "precedents" that can be used in the future by Judges presented with a case matter similar to the one that provided a precedent.

The key to research is to use  truth and evidence.

What does research do?

When we discuss a case with a Victim we are able to establish circumstances that can only be told by a Victim. This enables us to establish patterns and add any new information to our education programs. This vital knowledge gives us the ability to understand just how Victims of Sexual Assault feel. This is why when a victim confides to us that they have been Raped, we sometimes do not say anything and give them either a physical hug or just remain silent for a few seconds. Then we ask "Are you OK?"  We have been there and we know!

One thing we never do is to guess. If we do not know an answer to your question we will say "We do not know"

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