Jane comments: Rapes by US military just keep happening

Protesters have rallied in Tokyo after an American military worker confessed to killing a young Japanese woman. The former US marine is under arrest over the murder on Okinawa Island. Japan's Prime Minister says he'll grill Barack Obama over the case, when the US President visits next week.

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The US Military expect and obtain jurisdiction over criminal matters. The rationale behind the thinking is explained would ensure that the accused would have a fair trial in that publicity in the host country may have aroused strong public attention and that this would bias the outcome if the local judicial system was used. They also note the variation in sentences with punishments not fitting the crime.

The principle of the SOFA is that the US Military will bring the accused to an American Court however  once the publicity dies down and the accused removed we never seem to hear the outcomes of such cases and the victims sink out of sight

What they didn’t expect; When Japan did not take action against her rapist, Jane took the US Marine to a civil court. But he disappeared because they discharged the Marine and shipped him back to America. The Americans  saved him but the Japanese judge found him guilty in absentia.  Years later the Rapist was tracked down by JANE and the Japanese judgement was endorsed by an American Judge.

As this was a judicial precedent and highlighted the duplicity of SOFA she did not want anyone to lose sight of this achievement she asked for and received $1.00 compensation.

Years of work tracking him down and supported by a top team of lawyers was not about money it was a principle of using the Laws of two countries to bring a rapist to Justice

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