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Introduction to our safety programmes

21st Century Family Survival Guide

It is not that long ago that were all felt much safer. People could leave their windows open and doors unlocked and we could go out and be safe most of the time. Simple things like looking before we cross a road. However the 21st Century is more complex with dangers everywhere that need to be understood; like young children surfing the internet have no idea how dangerous it can be. Indeed even older persons often are tricked into scams by criminals who are very clever.

We now know that even our own home is a dangerous place for some people. Not just to make sure we have fresh air in a room where there is an open fire. What started as a loving family home becomes a prison for some victims of domestic violence and sadly for many it means death.

Our children would walk to school by themselves but today parents take them and collect them. Our research into sexual assaults and the sexual abuse and violence against children and aged persons are not strangers that we were told to be careful of, but mostly carried out by persons known to the victim.

Despite our understanding of human rights and understanding of respect the world has become a dangerous place.

For a very long time we are told stories that are designed to make sure we understand dangers. Little Red Riding Hood was warned by her mother and today attorneys defending rapists use similar stories to convince judges of their client's innocence. The police also have special views. There are now hundreds of fables to regulate our behaviour.

We ask for relevance and point out the facts and set them out in an easy form. For example imagine you are robbed. Would the police ask what were you wearing? (Maybe the thief thought you wanted to be robbed) Had you been drinking? We list the myths used by attorneys

We do not just refer to sexual matters. We do help victims and provide a safe place to obtain advice and assistance. Many work with us to provide safety advice to others but more importantly to research how to make the world a better place. Our view is that we all need to understand overall survival techniques to protect us from harm.

Our website is reaching people from every country even those who are in armed conflict zones or where human rights are not part of any solution. Even so we know that those that see efforts are being made for survival are being encouraged by this new approach.

Family survival is embraced as a core policy by all people everywhere

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