Monthly Archives: April 2017

Jane’s personal experience: How to become an Empowertarian

Actually to become an Empowertarian is very easy because you can use your own personal experience just like me. The first step is to make a decision right now Take control of yourself and your own life. This means you must stop giving other people the power to control your happiness, your mind and your…
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Part 8: Why do we sometimes forget simple things: lost keys?

Lost keys or something else? We have been talking about how our brain manages all of the information that is available to it 24/7. Memories are things you never forget? Well not really. There are cases where at least one person has had the ability to remember everything or another can tell you what happened…
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Morality, conscience & people affect our decisions. How we feed our minds

[caption id="attachment_2205" align="alignleft" width="150"] Lady Justice[/caption] Justice is conscience, not a personal one but of the whole of humanity. Those who clearly recognise the voice of their own concerns usually recognise and agree with the voice of justice. Morality is something you learn with experience. As we grow we watch and learn from others around us.…
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