Monthly Archives: August 2017

Team Jane Japanese University Students reveal alarming rape statistics

Team Jane conducted a  confidential rape statistics survey of Japanese students attending university for the year 2016. Jane thanks all persons who kindly participated in this vital work This survey found that 1 in 5  Japanese University Students surveyed had experienced more than one form of sexual assault. Very few reported their experience to anyone. One in…
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Are probiotic supplements in capsules needed to improve our gut bacteria?

Many of you asked about Probiotic supplements. Will they improve our gut bacteria and health? We already have valuable microorganisms living in our bodies, an amazing number of microbial species, including bacteria and yeast. Most people have never heard of this but there is a growing trend among health-conscious people to buy them. As in…
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Rape statistics on false claims about being sexually assaulted not useful!

Recently there has been a flurry of rape statistics that support the view that females make false claims of being sexually assaulted. Some relate to universities other are media opinions etc. Psychologists and activists from all sides of this debate go out of their way to find fault with any report based on statistics, that does…
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