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    Our Main Purpose To be the Defender of truth, justice & fairness: To be the Protector of the...

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    Our principles are the basic or core precepts that guide our organisation in all circumstances, irrespective of changes...

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    There is one danger that the world is not solving and that is sexual assault. We make our...

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why "dotJane"?


After 12-years of personal efforts Catherine JANE attracted a world-wide following of supporters who, as a mark of solidarity, proclaimed "I AM CATHERINE JANE"

The website IamJane  (I 'm JANE) means  "If Jane can do it, so can I!"

#dotJane means Defender of Truth, Justice & Fairness: Protector of the Innocent

what we offer

It is important to receive essential information immediately.

Innocents suffer greatly from the events just prior to a sexual assault and the assault itself. These events are also blamed for everything but this is wrong because they do not cause all of the pathological problems. We know that Innocents are affected by much more than that and that it is what actually happens next after the assault that is so important. There can be many more people involved and these usually add stress and further humiliation to them.

We talk to victims and find most of them found it very difficult to talk to anyone. We know what these are and part of our work is to remove social prejudices and correct acceptance of UNTRUTHS such as myths and misunderstanding and teach people how to react when someone tells you about their horrible experience. One of the best responses is to say nothing and enclose them with a gentle hug and then say are you alright?. It is not the time to say You shouldn’t have gone out, or why did you do this or that, or any one of hundreds of reasons. Even the police find themselves with a one sided story and in seeking statements may appear to be rude and insensitive. (In some countries they actually are rude and insensitive) Then there is the need to see a doctor. They are trained to make sure your body is OK but not that good in understanding your mind (but we are going to teach them also). Also those who are unable or unwilling to tell anyone suffer silently for the rest of their sad lives and we are making it easy for them to tell us without us knowing who they are. This does help.

The good news is that our work is constantly being upgraded. We are still helping people as before but we are now focusing a lot more on education. If everyone knows what we know changes will be made to laws, justice, fairness and support. Already changes are happening. Governments are revising old laws, lawyers are petitioning governments to make more changes, Silent innocents are reaching out so it is essential that everyone takes their hand.

Our Website functions on desktop computers, pads and cellphones and is available 24/7. This new project need lots of feedback form everyone. Please become a Defender or a Protector or a Supporter or all of them if you can. Jane believes in you and her Team hopes you will join us
Our first website is in English. We have an automatic translator that will change the website for you to read in another language. It isn't very good and we would really like you have a better translation . We need help so don't hesitate to join us
Not all of the advice available to Innocent Victims is reliable. Everyone who suffers from a sexual attack has different circumstances and really needs help. But who will listen and can they provide the answer? And then they worry about who they can trust Our website provides some information that is very important. for example: The most important thing is to see a doctor. The next important thing is to try and write down everything what happened. See inside for details.





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