Our organisation depends on like-minded people working together for a common cause.

Everything we do in life depends on people.

The food on our table, the doctors that provide us with medical advice and prescribe medicine made by scientists; our transport system just do not suddenly appear but are made by other people. Lawmakers produce laws and rules and we have policies that make sure that people behave and in saying that we realise that there are two sides to a coin and  almost everything bad that happens is related to the activities of people.

We all become the results of people we meet and by the books that we read

This website doesn't give criminals any publicity but we do examine sexual crime and how people deal with the epidemic of this crime. We are learning more everyday by combining the knowledge of good people and and are building a resource that will change people's lives. We love telling you about criminals that are caught and punished. We do learn how they were caught.

Imagine a world without RAPE - We do not imagine we can do this but we already have started making a difference.

Our founder Jane is just one person, yet we all know about  her relentless  efforts and now after trying so hard to convince others to provide needed services she has said "Times Up" and here we are working with each other by using Jane's experience and leadership to make a difference

Will you join her?