Silence: How many people are sexually assaulted everyday?

How many people a sexually assaulted everyday?

No one knows how many people have suffered sexual assault because not everyone reports them. Sometimes they can't and sometimes they feel that is a waste of time because no one cares

Silence has created two very big problems

Problem 1: Victims of sexual assault, abuse and or family violence regardless of race, colour, features, dress, gender, or age are innocents. The enemy of innocence are predators. When they are not reported they are free to keep assaulting you or anyone else.

Problem 2: The people who make laws and control Justice incorrectly assume that there are not many sexual assaults  and believe everyone is safe. They do not have any experience in dealing with victims as they think there are not enough to spend money on making special services. The statistics for the world shows every country is different Sweden for example has 63.5 person reporting in every 100,000 people but does that mean it is more dangerous than India who only have 1.8 or Japan that claims only 1.0. Because these statistics only refer to people who actually report being sexually assaulted it is more likely that Japanese does have more silent innocents than other countries.

As Defenders of truth, justice & fairness:and Protectors of the Innocent we ask you to help us to make the world a better, safer place. Here is a few of our policies

  • Work closely with Government and government Agencies to improve services for anyone sexually assaulted.
  • Provide absolute security and strict confidence to persons seeking advice.
  • Help “silent” victims to become empowered because Silence is the friend of predators

Please complete the following form. It will not take long.

We do not need your name,  or any of your contact details, or how you were sexually assaulted. All we will see are the answers you give to see how big the problem is.  If you there are more people in your report (a child or older person) then please send each person on a separate form.