Volunteer Registration Form

Volunteering is a good way to meet new people and become part of a team with common goals. It's also a great way to improve your skills and career prospects, and of course you'll be playing a vital role in helping us to save people who have been subject to Domestic Violence and or, Sexual Assault.

Please note there is no Salary or Wage for these positions. There is no joining fee or any fees payable. Should you pay for us any approved expenditure we will compensate you. This position does not grant you the right to vote in Official Meetings of the Organisation.

You can apply for a specific role or express a general interest in volunteering. If there is something available we will get in touch. Otherwise we will keep you on file and contact you if something suitable becomes available.

Through training, guidance and employee support, I am JANE Organisation supports all volunteers. If we need to employ any person on a full-time basis we will always give Volunteers an opportunity to apply. If you are seeking full-time positions with another organisation we will provide you a reference outlining the work that you have done for us.

We will advise you of our acceptance of you as a volunteer and provide you with  our Volunteer Agreement to read and sign. If nothing is available now we will also advise when you can start work. We are still opening on 1 January 2017 but we do need people for some work as soon as possible. Key positions needed now are Interpreters/Translators,  Researchers (any country); Experts in WordPress (Japan and Australia); Lawyers/law clerks (Japan)