Sexual assault are making headlines. Why?

Our research shows that the efforts made by all of us to bring this crime out into the open and to educate Society has had the effect of more people realising that this crime can be stopped. Many victims who decided to never report being sexually violated and have suffered in silence forever have recognised this change in Society. We know this because some of the silent victims are now talking to us and in so doing feel much better, because at last they can share their feelings with another human that cares. We do not share details of those that talk to us however a web search will show you Internationally Famous people who have decided, after long periods of silence, to share publicly about them being sexually assaulted when they were younger.

Are there more crimes being committed?

This valid question is some people seeing all of this publicity are concerned that this crime of sexual assault appears to be increasing. Many are shocked at seeing famous people being arrested or charged with sex crimes. Society has lived, for a long time, in world where people looking after children have been deemed to be safe. It was not that long ago that children walked to school, some even travelled by public transport. Our homes were safe, our schools were safe and people looking after our children were trusted. Parents learned the hard way and have taken action to avoid risks but are stilled shocked when another child becomes a victim. We were relaxed about our children going to parties but not anymore.

Self-preservation, alert parenting has seen a reduction in crimes against children but we still see more and more people being caught doing terrible things to children. However more people are daring to speak about these and now we see daily media revealing sexual assaults and domestic violence against men, women and children. Society now knows that criminals of sex crimes are not strangers and everyone of any gender, or any sex, or any age are at risk. Our 21st Century Family Survival Guide has helped many urgently needing to learn more on how to improve their personal risk management and that of their family.

Sexual Assault crimes are not increasing

We believe that the number of sexual assault is not increasing and that more such crimes are being reported doesn’t mean more crime but that more criminals are being exposed. Society’s voice is forcing law-makers to improve their laws and for more research into resolving the outcome for victims.

What needs to be done?

Although Team Jane is pleased with the current shift by Society there is still so much to be done. Rapes have been happening for thousands of years and although much has been achieved there are still many who blame victims. Most of these are only applied to sexual crimes. Rape is still having the worst record of prosecutions than any other crime with less than 2% convicted of reported crimes. Imagine you were robbed by your work colleague and what they stole.  You report it to the police who will not do anything until you file an official complaint then you are asked to go to the police where they examine you. They say “Your colleague said you told him he could have this and he is shocked to hear that you have changed your mind and falsely accusing him of stealing from you". They then ask to describe what you were wearing at the time, or if you had been drinking alchohol. They will probably ask if you have been robbed before, or given things away to other people. Then ask if you were injured and if not the case is closed becasue you woild have tried to stop the robber and no injury means you didnt even try and lack of injury means that you agreed to give it to him. If you are a male they will not  bother to consider your compaint anyway because males cannot be robbed. This sounds so ridiculous bcause it never happens like this but it does happen to sexual assault victims.

21st Century Family Survival Guide

Some parts of this guide are provided in this website. We are currently writing a comprehensive guide and Sections of this will be released in Japan only,  because it is specific to Japanese families or others resident in Japan. This will be available on sale with discount to associate members.

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Team Jane, Research Deapartment

Defenders of Truth, Justice, Fairness Protecting Innocents

In all of my work since I was raped in 2002 just four words became the foundation of my survival.

As a victim, I was not believed by the police when I reported to them, I received no Justice and everything people did to me was simply not fair. Apart from my family there was no-one to Protect me. Later when I found out about the SOFA, an agreement that gives amazing benefits to servicemen many things fell into place. The Japanese government was controlled by this agreement, the rapist didn’t flee from my court case against him because he was discharged and sent home.

The website iamjane.org is designed to present you with many facts that make sense and discuss the key elements required in the future of the world. Society has changed so much and despite a rapid increase in technology and access to information we find that basic  day to day safety is not as good as before.  Those who used to be protecting us are now found to be possible suspects. We used to believe to go to the police for help and then we see some of them commit crimes. We used to be told, as children, to not trust strangers but now, as we learn that most victims of sexual crimes are not strangers but people known to them and these bad people are everywhere. What can we say to children today when we read about someone killing a lot of innocent people because of a religious belief, or for no reason at all,  or when one married person kills their partner, or a father lends his daughter to his friend for sex after he has abused her himself, or a baby sitter neighbor abuses your child?

I and my Teams are Defenders and we Protect the Innocents

Basic elements Truth, Justice, Fairness & Protection

We cannot sit back and do nothing. As we find problems in our lives we all have to demand Fairness be applied and Justice  provided in accordance with establishing what is correct and according to the Law. If the Law is wrong we will work towards having lawmakers understand why they must change

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