Please help us publish a suicide hotline list: every country every language

suicide hotlinePlease help us publish a suicide hotline list for every country in every language.

Suicide hotlines,  sometimes referred to as crisis lines,  can be found in many countries worldwide. The problem is that they are usually only listed in the local telephone directory in the local language and not easily found.

In every country tourists and other visitors arrive either for a vacation or for work and may not be very familiar with the local language.  Also most only  provide general information. but only a few are specific to a select gender demographic.

Here is a few suicide hotline and emergency numbers to start with




  • 15 is the national emergency number in France.
  • Fil santé jeunes: 0800 235 236: anonymous and tool-free number for young people.
  • Suicide écoute: 01 45 39 40 00 (24-hour): suicide prevention helpline (volunteers).
  • SOS Suicide Phénix: 01 40 44 46 45 (schedule): suicide prevention through listening and hospitality (volunteers).
  • La Croix Rouge Ecoute: 0 800 858 858: psychological support online, anonymous and free (volunteers).





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