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Valentines Day gifts to our supporters, volunteers & you from Team Jane

Are you worried what Valentines day gifts? Who should you given them too and do you really have to give Valentine day gifts to anyone at all? Let's look briefly at the history. Valentine  lived in 3rd Century Rome  and helped locals convert to Christianity but Emperor Claudius banned Christianity and eventually Valentine was caught…
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ending violence against women urgent as pandemic increases mental issues

Ending violence against women  is urgent but we will look at ending all violence. Ending violence  includes  ABUSE which is ANY form of physical, or sexual, mental, financial, or emotional . However it is not just women and children. Intimate partner aggression has been increasing every year, but due to this COVID 19 pandemic it…
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Battered Woman Syndrome  now  affecting  more victims of domestic violence

2020 will be never ever forgotten apart from everything else  the Battered Woman Syndrome  is now  affecting  more victims of domestic violence Team Jane researchers  discovered China  had reported  increased  person to person crimes. Stay home is a great way to stop the virus but  what happened when a victim had to live with an…
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