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Low Cost Health Insurance: an alternative to crisis healthcare

Better Health Insurance Program This program is a process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health. It is Preventive maintenance instead of crisis management. Preventative maintenance When we travel by air we are relying on a strict maintenance program where every single part of the plane is…
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Family Survival: Homelessness and Poverty Index

Homelessness and Poverty can occur as a result of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults however we do not provide housing or accommodation at this time. Neither do we provide meals or funds for poor people. Jane's Team says what many people think but cannot say. Accommodation for victims of domestic violence is absolutely necessary because…
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Good practice guidelines for monitoring and measuring homelessness

Society doesn’t realise the extent of homelessness and are horrified to read headlines of child poverty and images of people sleeping in the street Please note that we do not provide housing or shelter. These guidelines are our introduction to Society of the extent and depth of the problem so that Governments can develop tools…
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