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Our Health & sustainability in the age of coronavirus is not easy INDEX

Personal Health & sustainability in the age of coronavirus isn't easy The worldwide spread of this pandemic has effected everyone in the world . Why? Because most countries have isolated areas inside their country and between countries. People are asked to stay at home because it is safe and as a result many cannot go…
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Homeless housing exclusion is increasing but not everyone is roofless

Homeless housing exclusion is increasing  and the most disturbing change is due to COVID 19 effect on the economy Most people do not see people who are homeless because the media has shown images untidy, dirty, and looking like drunken tramps sleeping in the street. We only see  those who are usually roofless (category 1.10)…
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Information we need to know about Corona viruses to understand this enemy

Corona viruses are a group of related viruses that infect mammals and birds. In humans,  viruses such as the common cold, SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 can cause illnesses that can range from mild to lethal. Symptoms in other species vary: in chickens, they may cause an upper respiratory tract disease, while in cows and pigs…
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