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Our Health & sustainability in the age of coronavirus is not easy INDEX

Personal Health & sustainability in the age of coronavirus isn't easy The worldwide spread of this pandemic has effected everyone in the world . Why? Because most countries have isolated areas inside their country and between countries. People are asked to stay at home because it is safe and as a result many cannot go…
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Will Robots or human cyborgs take our jobs or humans work with them?

What jobs will we have in the future is examined to include robots or human cyborgs This COVID 19 Pandemic is changing the world and we don’t really know what the future will be. However, we humans have imagination and experience so let’s look at possibilities of changes needed to reset global economies and how…
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i-SAFE Internet safety is not easy but essential INDEX

Internet safety is not easy but essential. Paedophiles are getting young children to take photos and videos of themselves and distributing them online Safer Internet Day this year is on the 11th February The only way to be completely safe on-line is to not use it at all but as that's impossible there are ways to…
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