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Battered Woman Syndrome  now  affecting  more victims of domestic violence

2020 will be never ever forgotten apart from everything else  the Battered Woman Syndrome  is now  affecting  more victims of domestic violence Team Jane researchers  discovered China  had reported  increased  person to person crimes. Stay home is a great way to stop the virus but  what happened when a victim had to live with an…
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Will Robots or human cyborgs take our jobs or humans work with them?

What jobs will we have in the future is examined to include robots or human cyborgs This COVID 19 Pandemic is changing the world and we don’t really know what the future will be. However, we humans have imagination and experience so let’s look at possibilities of changes needed to reset global economies and how…
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Why is everyone confused about self importance and are you Important?

Narcissistic personality disorders are unfortunate mental condition that cause many problems for others because they suffer from an exaggerated sense of self importance and may be preoccupied with power, prestige, vanity, and expect special treatment and fame Self-importance is very important to all of us but it is unfortunately a term generally not seen to…
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