2020 Happy New Year resolution it is now time to take back your privacy

2020 is when you start to take back your privacy

We all learned that search engines and social media, such as Face Book were watching us and learning everything about us and selling that information to vendors. We were shocked and dismayed, but now it is time to stop them from getting more, but how do we do that? Fortunately, all suppliers of devices that gather information have to give us the right to stop them looking at everything because that's how they collect our complete details.

The place in which our information has been given away are social media that is conveniently on our computers and smart phones.

Like most users of modern devices,  Team Jane personnel are not experts on overcoming this problem so here is list of a few ideas that might put you in a position to see how you can start recovering your privacy. Your smart phone and your computer is probably where you do most of your on line activities and a good place to start.

Here is something to consider first. None of us would ever walk up to a complete stranger and say "Hi, here is a few photos of me, my family and friends, their email accounts and contact details so you can contact them anytime. I've also attached my calendar and a list of birthdays etc."   Unfortunately, we thought we were safe and  that no one would share our personal information but now you have to take back  privacy. The first thing to do is to search online, or ask a friend who knows how to do this.

Although the people who've been stealing from us have been forced to allow us to opt out of giving them information, many of them still want us to keep giving them things they can sell. So be careful.

Here is a list of things that should be done

  • Check with  internet service provider and see if they make sure that  computer doesn't reveal your location.
  • To be safe you should reset privacy settings making Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts private
    • Ditch social media (or use maximum privacy settings):
      • Do you need these to enjoy a meaningful life? Consider deleting your account forever.
    • Be very careful on LinkedIn.
      • Don’t give away too much personal information. Just enough to impress employer
  • Block anything on  smart phones or computer from doing things for you or give them permission to look at anything.
  • Do they really need these?
    • Bluetooth sharing
    • Calendars
    • Camera
    • Contacts
    • Fitness
    • Health
    • Home Kit
    • Location services
    • Media
    • Microphone
    • Motion
    • Music
    • Photos
    • Reminders
    • Speech Recognition
  • Change your search engine
    • Try to use a search engine that doesn’t grab your information and send you advertising
  • Use privacy-focused web browsers:
      • For example, Tor Browser
          • (Tor is very slow because it checks absolutely everything and will not connect to anything not safe). Tor doesn't store anything so there's no need to take back your privacy
  • Try not to connect to any website that doesn’t start with https:
  • Mail is great but be careful and keep an eye on everything.
    • From Banks or any emails that look safe but
      • Banks never ask you to confirm your account details on line
      • Never answer emails from a bank that doesn’t use your name
    • From someone you don’t know
      • They may even know your name and some things that seem to show they know you. They may already have some information but need more. You may go on holiday and before you can use your credit card “Your fake bank” will advise that your account has been compromised and ask you to set you log in and password immediately. Click on the link and your data is stolen
  • Get rid of your free email service:
    • Why are they free? It’s because they’re tracking you for information they can sell. It's never too late to take back your privacy.
  • Get tough on security and passwords:
      • Use a combination of both lower and uppercase letters, numbers and other keyboard items
      • Do not use simple things you can remember
      • Keep your passwords safe
    • For items that need more security use a two-step log in
      • Some banks use three steps (account name and passwords both of which can also be a name or a number followed by a battery-operated tag that provides a unique number that remains valid for a short time.)
  •  Just recently an app made itself available to users that you can put all you credit cards in the one place. How stupid is that?  Just another reminder to take back your privacy (not give them anything else either)
  • Do you need Modern technology?
    • Can you get a more basic phone?
    • Do you really need to talk to a device to turn on the light, or tell you what the weather’s like outside, or do you really need it to buy something for you?
      • They forget to tell you that your electronic friend doesn’t really turn off until you use its name. It listens to everyone 24/7 and sends it back to its master.
  • When you ordering something on line you don’t have to give them everything?
    • Use PayPal or similar system to pay and arrange for the supplier to deliver.
    • Here is all they need
      • Your Surname (Not your full name)
      • mailing address (Try to deliver to a post office (most have a collect system in place), or to an office address.
    • Here is what they don’t need
      • Your email address
      • Your home address
      • Your mobile phone number
      • Any additional information they ask for
    • Sometimes suppliers will not accept your order unless you give them information. Try someone else but if it's something exclusive you can reveal something to them because with  PayPal you can remove such information as soon as the orders is complete.
  • Do not do surveys
    • They say they want to know how much you like their service and may even if they promise a gift but the real reason is to get more information about you.
  • What if they use your name and your email address but offer you a chance to win a free Mazda, or we tried to deliver your recent order but your address seems incomplete.
    • Block their email address
    • They will continue to offer ridiculous and amazing things using another email address so block that one