How can you keep secrets and never ever tell anyone in your whole life?

You may say you already keep secrets. You may never tell anyone in your whole life. However, ever since we entered this 21st Century very few of us are successful in keeping secrets.

In this 21st Century we have all been shocked to find that our private lives are not so private anymore.

Governments and Financial Services have a lot of our information but do the keep secrets?

Banks demand a lot of our personal information for evidence to prove who say we are and our credit cards reveal  to them our shopping habits. If our country has a health or welfare program we have to provide more information. Out taxation organisations know about our money. If we travel we need a passport and travel documents. Although all of our information is confidential most governments share information.

Let’s tell the truth right now. The internet is not a good place to keep secrets?

The good part is that when need information you can use your computer or smart phone and use a search engine it is wonderful. You also may have a little electronic friend in your house that you can chat to, ask the weather or any question. It will even do your shopping. Are they your real friends that you share your most intimate thoughts when you search for information. In this modern world we are surrounded by the internet of things. They are so good and quickly get us information.

The biggest problem is that they do not keep secrets. Most devices we use, secretly store everything you write or say, they register your IP address that shows exactly where you are; they place cookies (tracking files so they can follow you, know everything you are searching for and time/date/location etc., and they can even see what interests you. This means they know more about you than you could ever imagine and they never ever forget anything.

They sell this information to people who want your personal information. The world was shocked when Facebook sold their information.   They must have made a lot of money doing that because so far they have purchased a lot of companies and spent  over $ 23,000,000, 000.