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Internet safety is not easy but essential.

Paedophiles are getting young children to take photos and videos of themselves and distributing them online

Safer Internet Day this year is on the 11th February

The only way to be completely safe on-line is to not use it at all but as that's impossible there are ways to reduce your risk. Today we have added some great websites from different countries

We used to say to children "Don't talk to strangers" now we have found so many people have information about us and our children because we gave it to them

If you met someone you do not know do you give them your photograph and photographs of your family together with their names, date of birth? How about your home address and telephone numbers, your bank password. Do you sign up for something that is free? Of course you would not do this but somehow most people give away everything to anyone who knows how to look.  Criminals know how to fool people. We must make sure that our children know about internet safety

Our children learn how to cross a busy road safely. In the same way your child needs time, practice and careful guidance from you and other trusted people on how to get the very best out of the internet. It is not that long ago when students had to go to a public library to obtain information but now our computer, portable phones, tablet, TV and other devices bring the whole world into our family lives – the best and the worst of what’s out there.

i-SAFE is all about internet safety.

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