Jane asks for change to SOFA stop US Military personnel violent sex crimes

Catherine Jane Fisher living in Tokyo has for the past two decades, protested against US military crime and appealing for the revision of the Japan-US Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

Foreign Press Club JAPAN

At the news conference in Tokyo, Fisher acknowledged that there is much disagreement in Japan over whether the country should continue to allow the United States to maintain military bases there. But she urged for Japan to take a tougher stance against the U.S. military personnel accused of crimes.

"This has been happening on the island of Okinawa for over 70 years," she said. "Imagine if someone comes into your house and starts raping and murdering your family. Are you going to offer them another cup of tea? Or are you going to ask them to leave?"

Written at the end of the last war, Japan were asked to sign SOFA and it hasn't been changed ever since. For 16 years Jane has been trying to change this biased agreement that allowed rapists to Japan without any charges being laid,