Jane’s personal experience: How to become an Empowertarian

Actually to become an Empowertarian is very easy because you can use your own personal experience just like me.

The first step is to make a decision right now

Take control of yourself and your own life. This means you must stop giving other people the power to control your happiness, your mind and your life. After all no one else owns you!

I have invented a NEW word for you and all of us to use


This word is described below and is what you can be.  What's then is this powerful thing inside you that is your personal hero waiting for you?   It is those little grey cells inside our head that is called a BRAIN. Our brains are so important that my great Team of people working on our future have produced an 8 part series about our body. In this amazing story you will find that your Brain started about 8-weeks after your mum became pregnant. Your heart started much earlier than that. Your brain waited patiently for all of your nerves were put into place and all of your senses connected. The Brain then starts to coordinate everything and to get ready for the birth. It does hear a few sounds like your mum's voice in fact it's quite noisy but it can't see yet or taste, or feel, or smell. Biology has given you a brain and from the exact moment you are born and take your first breath of oxygen rich air your Brain starts to work 24/7. Life (your personal experience)  turns part of your Brain into a mind (Start reading the whole story in Part 1: Brain)

What does the empowering mean?

The word “empowering” means to give someone the authority or power to do something especially if it makes that person stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. An Empowertarian is anyone who empowers others. It could be a member of your family, or a friend, or from reading posts on this website written by Empowertarians  in Team Jane or from anyone who has been empowered. The exciting thing is that you can empower yourself because you already have the ability to be  stronger, more confident, and claim your rights  Your Brain is ready to work with you.

Here are a few tips for you to use to empower your life right now.

Before we start, please note that my tips are simple. For more detailed in information on the website and I have placed some buttons on the bottom of the page for you to look at when you have time. These are created using the experience of so many people written in a way for you to share their knowledge. If you need any further information or help just send me an email about your personal experience. For your security you can comment on this page. Please note it might take a while for us to answer as all incoming documents are checked by security.


Our body needs water. If you could take a moment to check the colour of your own urine to ensure that it is healthy:  if the colour is too dark, or concentrated, or you often feel thirsty, or your lips dry then maybe you need to drink more fresh clean water.

Digestive System

Another subject often not often discussed is your digestive system. Are your bowel movements constant? Do you ever suffer from constipation? Diarrhoea? Skipping meals? Binge drinking? We are what we eat therefore make healthy eating your top priority now.

Hormones & Hygiene

Both men and women should ensure healthy eating habits during stressful times in their lives. In Team Jane's research we found that some women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, [PTSD], noticed that in the premenstrual phase of their menstrual cycle, their PTSD symptoms increased. Premenstrual Syndrome, [PMS] already comes with a variety of mood swings and topped with PTSD, symptoms it can cause problems to the brain.

My personal blood tests showed that my body lacked iron due to unhealthy eating habits (I did not take care of my health due to acute PTSD and Rape Trauma). My doctor gave me weekly injections to increase my levels of iron and I started eating iron enriched foods and supplements.

When I suffered from acute PTSD, even simple tasks as daily hygiene; brushing teeth etc., were not done. Make a point to pamper yourself,  because you really do deserve to be taken care of and no one else can do this better than you.


Lack of sleep leaves us tired and often with lack of concentration throughout the day. If it is possible to take a nap during the day and if not, try to keep to a sleeping schedule that you can stick to. Always remember to rest well. (See button below SLEEP: An important part of our day)


Every culture makes music. Music was made even when people could not read or write. The world loves love songs. Played at weddings, birthday events and other cultural occasions. Some music inspires joy and some sparks sadness. What music could you listen to today to motivate you?


With social media, these days, there is a focus on how many friends you have online and how many likes you get. Being ignored on social media can ignite a feeling of isolation and a lack of belonging to some people. In the ages before the social media platforms, we had family and friend get together and have fun.

So often the phrase "You are not alone," is used to show victims of rape trauma, incest, domestic violence etc., that they are not alone but if we still feels alone then how do we cope?

Actually you have lots of friends. You and I have never met; but I do know that if you are reading this that you will realise that there is at least one person in this world that has been where you have been,  who understands how you feel and has healed. The work that I am doing, the people who are part of my team (Jane’s Team does research, built and maintains this web-site  providing information about how to survive in this 21st Century) They are Empowertarians and do care about your personal experience and your well-being. They  understand how people feel and they try to help you.

On the 15 May the world celebrates the international day of families but why wait? Why not make a friend today.

Enjoy Hidden Pleasures

babiesI found that nature and the power of the universe never disappointed me. To take walks along the beach or a park inspire me of  the beauty of this universe and how we sometimes just don’t notice.

A rose by any other name would still smell so beautiful

To pick up a shell on a beach that had endured the beatings of the constant tide that made it into such a precious thing to find. The leaves in the forest or the flowers in spring that grow even in unexpected conditions sprouting between concrete slabs with only the requirements of sunshine and water to make them grow. The wondrous lotus that even though it thrives beneath mud, it's beauty is not affected by its surroundings. The brief gift of the cherry tree to impress us with its blossoms. All of these are not affected by what people think of them they just keep on doing what they always do. Perhaps is this Nature empowering us?  Therefore do not compare your self-worth to those around you. Remember that you are worthy and loved regardless of what others think about you.

Remove Negative Thoughts

We also need to enjoy quite periods when you are on your own however, sometimes we use this to go back and think about problems. If you are a victim of some form of abuse, then my heart goes out to you. No one can really explain in words or try to understand the innermost feelings after being raped and the numbness after it.

At first we may feel that it is dream but when reality hits us in the face we may go into denial. We may think that life will never be the same again but always remember that any emotions you may feel are normal emotions to an abnormal situation.

You were never to blame and you, like me, will find your own way of dealing with your personal healing process. (See below button Society breaks the silence video)

Be healthy

Please do make sure that your healing process is a healthy one and comfort yourself in ways that compliment you and not in an unhealthy way such as using drugs and alcohol.


Your BRAIN uses 20% of the oxygen from your lungs because it never sleeps. We need to keep active and to be in fresh air to make sure our lungs are getting enough oxygen. This is easy when you are young but older people slow down and many don’t have enough exercise. It is important to make sure that every day you exercise your lungs. Do some deep breathing. Go outside, be near trees and flowers, or natural water. Relax your mind and renew your oxygen


Love yourself. Nothing much more to add to this one as it speaks for itself.

After trauma such as rape with the victim blaming and the stigma that surrounds it, we often find ourselves starting to believe these stupid assumptions.

All of these ideas I am telling you now is based on how I felt. This part was the hardest because after I was raped I really felt terrible in that I was unloved and unworthy as a human being, but as time went by and I studied why this was happening I found this feeling was forced upon me by so many people and the beliefs of society. I realised that 'I Am Loved' and 'I am worthy'.

Since 2015 I began my speeches with "I Am Loved. I love myself. I am lovable and I am worthy. Self-love and self-care is our responsibility and the great part about this is that we can start that from this moment on.

Stop Society's myths and misconceptions of rape.

It is my view that it is not the victims that must break the silence but society itself. This concept can be seen here in our documentary filmed in Japan, "Society Breaks The Silence." (see Below)

Now is the time to change these words that hurt victims of sexual assault and other forms of abuse. Be empowered and watch this video. I urge you to 'Start the Conversation' and start breaking the chains of silence. A silent victim is the friend of the rapist or the abuser. Silence allows them to escape justice.

Make a Difference

Can one person make a difference?  Can you change something? Actually history has shown that even one person can really change the world.

But what really is this power?" This 'power' lies within each and every one of us. I am just your average woman who was born in Perth, Western Australia and this is my story

I have been working hard to make changes to the way Military Servicemen stationed in Japan have been able to escape Justice and am pleased to say that changes are happening very slowly but they are finding it difficult to make crimes and the criminals’ just disappear. I have tried to make changes to the way Japan treats victims of sexual assault and again we can see changes being made to laws and in provision of service (see below)

However, although I have done many things. I never gave up looking for the man who raped me and fled Japan. I never gave up in my pursuit for Justice. I found him and then went on to make world history by having an American court validate the Japanese court ruling finding him guilty of Rape. This created a precedent that could indeed change the world.

The number "one" is significant to me because my request for damages in this court trial was for just "one dollar". I wanted the world to know that regardless of personal costs and the legal costs and the times involved, the simple truth is that justice is not about money. Innocence and our basic Human rights belong to us. We can give away our innocence freely but our human rights ensure that our innocence is not for sale and should not be taken away.

I am grateful to 60 Minutes for their filming of "The Power Of One" which is the story of my life.(See below)

Become Empowered

Your brain has the ability to change your whole world. In reading all of the above and some of the videos or materials below I know  you will see that it is simply your  brain working for you now that you're actually are already becoming empowered.

There is no need to wait for someone else to believe in you. Believe in yourself. You will be surprised to find how your brain will be very pleased

So where did I come up with the concept of 'Empowertarian?'

After being the first woman in Japan to ever break the silence of being a rape victim, it also came along with being labelled as "The rape victim." A label that stuck to me like a branding iron for a very long time. We cannot change the past however, we can change every moment in our future and live our lives today by walking through our door to freedom.

Yes I was a victim of a crime but this was an event that happened so many years ago. It was just a few minutes of my life and hardly important enough to be on my Name-Card. However, as I was the first ‘victim’ to break the silence in Japan being labelled as “The Rape Victim” gave other victims to see what power I have demonstrated. I have a done so much in my life and have lot of very important things to put on my CV

I have of course graduated from being a victim to a survivor and now I am an Empowertarian because I and my Team Jane are empowering other everyday in person or through I website publications

 Here are some links worth looking at

Your brain and your body provides you with the most powerful and unique combination that money can't buy. Here is some ideas to get you started.


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April 23rd is World Book Day.

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