Our tribute to Jane the first to break the silence in Japan & show the way

Our organisation introduced  our show the way methodology to protect innocent people using Truth Justice and Fairness inspired by the leadership of Catherine JANE Fisher.

ON APRIL 6, 2002, after being drugged in a bar in Yokosuka, Japan, Catherine Jane Fisher was raped by a US Military serviceman, Bloke Dean (at that time located in the Yokosuka US Military base) JANE rang her father in Australia and his reply Empowered her. He just quietly said "Are you OK?"  He didn't need to know anything else. He just gave her a verbal hug. JANE knew she had support. Unlike so many who never tell anyone about sexual abuse Jane broke the silence.

But her troubles had only just begun. When she went to the police she was treated so badly that she describes the event as the second rape. They even insisted she return to the crime scene and re-enact the alleged rape so they could videotape the 'evidence' WHAT? Yes, and when she refused they used a female officer and had Jane show the way for this disgusting video.

At that time there were no rape clinics and police procedures were like that. Jane quickly realised that there was nothing available to help victims who were faced with doing everything themselves or just remain silent. Jane then decided to go public.

Jane tried to get the Japanese to prosecute but they refused. She then sued the rapist in a civil court and the Rapist engaged a lawyer, but suddenly,  the Rapist failed to attend court and his lawyer advised that the defendant had left Japan. Nevertheless the Japanese Judge found him guilty and gave her the right to seek compensation of 3 million yen from her attacker. The Japanese Government then made a payment to her of the same amount that was unusual but gratefully received.

Some time later JANE found the existence of the Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA), an agreement signed, a very long time ago,  by the Japanese Government in which, among other things, allowed U.S. military members to be transferred back to the U.S. before facing charges in Japanese courts.  Despite protests by many people SOFA was only slightly modified in January 2017   REFERENCE

JANE's effort to obtain Justice and to prevent other victims from suffering began to reach out was a courageous move. She protected herself and her family by wearing sunglasses and referring to herself as JANE and keeping private her life. Her efforts, self funded, to help others, meant taking on Japan's society, the Government of Japan and the US Military. This was in a country where people just do not talk about rape and even today so many never ever tell their story. This was, as she suspected, dangerous because she found herself being targeted with threats, abusive messages and general criticism but she moved on.  JANE never ever received financial support and raised funds by selling her art-work, writing and selling books, teaching, etc. however despite this she Empowered so many. (Some organisations provide travel expenses and accommodation inviting her to speak publicly)

Soon many decided to associate themselves as "i am jane",  Je suis jane etc. and JANE received awards for her actions services.

Finally JANE found the Rapist

MILWAUKEE, WI (October 15, 2013) – Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Michael D. Guolee entered a judgement in favour of Catherine Jane Fisher, an Australian citizen, recognising and enforcing a Japanese civil judgement for rape that Ms. Fisher obtained against Bloke Deans, a former U.S. Navy service member now living in Milwaukee, WI.  The judgement is the culmination of a twelve-year quest for justice by Ms. Fisher, and came only after an extended fight in the Milwaukee court during which Mr. Deans attempted on two occasions to dismiss the claim by arguing that Ms. Fisher did not have standing to bring her claim and that Mr. Deans had been denied due process during the Japanese proceedings.  After the Milwaukee court rejected Mr. Deans’ arguments, the parties entered into a settlement calling for enforcement of the judgement.  It is believed to be the first case in which a foreign judgement for rape has been recognised and enforced in a United States court.


Apart from creating a precedent that will show the way for other in the future JANE emphasised  the value of Justice by not seeking the Rapist to pay the fine. Her lawyers acted Pro-Bono. JANE instructed her lawyers to ask for and the Judge awarded her just $1.00


For many years so many people, inspired by Jane (who as described by the TV program 60 Minutes, as "One brave woman taking on two governments" ) have reached out to tell their story. They did this to seek Justice and prevent the accused from hiding behind their silence. Recently another wave of social involvement has arrived.  Usually some important, or well known people are suddenly making headlines, feeding the media with their #Metoo moments. Unfortunately a few have exploited the publicity they get by making accusations that are false.

Others, seek publicity by claiming to be the first to break the silence and the media in other countries grab this as something new and headlines encourage others to pick up the phrase Me Too. This unfortunately, doesn't prevent SEXUAL VIOLENCE or influence RAPE CULTURE because there are no details as to what they are saying.  Some are based on identifying a person who is alleged to have done something. This has allowed others who also have have some connection with that person to say Me Too. The real question is "what are they all agreeing to?" .  Have they been raped by the same person, or do they just tick the box in support of the alleged victim?  Some accusers refer to something that happened to them decades ago when some modern activists were not even born.  Then others flood social media #MeToo but again no me too to what. Large amounts of money is raised by this modernised "breaking the silence"

We give this tribute to JANE because  every day since 2002 she has continued to show the way for the future. When a new victim seeks help from JANE she doesn't respond to a victim's story by saying . Yeah, Me too. Jane and her team listen. This website is full of helpful advice. Although Truth, Justice and Fairness  are important we show that a victim's priority is  survival. People should ask victims "Are you OK?" because they need to see a doctor even if they are not physically damaged because there are risks of infection and internal damage,

JANE, Fashion model, educationalist,  singer and song writer, victim, survivor, author, award winning human rights activist, international speaker, philanthropist. Empowertarian, mother, friend, colleague, has shown us that truth has enabled her to take on  the Japanese Government, the US Military. the SOFA and now taking on every sexual predator in the world .  We salute you Catherine Jane Fisher




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