Team Jane Japanese University Students reveal alarming rape statistics

Team Jane conducted a  confidential rape statistics survey of Japanese students attending university for the year 2016.

Jane thanks all persons who kindly participated in this vital work

This survey found that 1 in 5  Japanese University Students surveyed had experienced more than one form of sexual assault. Very few reported their experience to anyone. One in every 6 of all students surveyed reported being raped. However,  75 percent of these rapes were not reported to the police.

The following table shows for those reporting sexual assault the percentage for each type of sexual assault.

       PERCENT                                 TYPES OF SEXUAL ASSAULT

  • 85                  Unwelcome touching, hugging, cornering or kissing
  • 65                  Sexual gestures, indecent exposure or inappropriate display of the         body
  • 60                  Sexually suggestive comments or jokes that made you feel offended
  • 53                  Inappropriate staring or leering that made you feel intimidated
  • 51                  Requests or pressure for sex or other sexual acts
  • 49                  Spreading Rumors or Talk about you to others making untrue         statements about you
  • 45                  Sexually explicit pictures, posters or gifts that made you feel offended
  • 44                  Intrusive questions about your private life or physical appearance that made you feel offended or uncomfortable
  • 42                  Repeated or inappropriate invitations to go out on dates
  • 27                  Sexually explicit email or SMS messages
  • 2                    Inappropriate images or film of you distributed to others person on paper or email or some form of social media without your consent
  • 0                    Repeated or inappropriate advances on Email, social networking websites or internet chat rooms by another student or someone employed by the University


The rape statistics data demonstrates that the number of rapes of one in six is higher than most people expect. Using the international measuring system of numbering  per 100,000 this means that there this means 16,000 per 100,000 people. The UN Report quoted in Wikipedia  lists the Japanese government having  only one rape per 100,000 is not realistic. This means that only about 1500 rapes happen every year in Japan per year.

Given our study shows that only 25 percent report rapes the Japanese should expect at least four times more and at least 6000 per year. The point however, is  that as reporting is so low most people are not aware of the dangers. Other factors such as myths and misconceptions, society standards, laws and police methods, or family expectations (shame) etc. contribute to the decision not to report. This in turn allows  criminal activity by rapists to continue without fear of punishment.

The number of and the priority of each type of sexual assault from the rape statistics has provided information on the areas that need more attention and focus. Our organisation has educational materials that will be useful in educating people. Risk management tools by Universities and educational and other institutions dealing with vulnerable people needs more attention. We can assist with these tools

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