want to know why we research society accepts and tolerates rape culture?

We are often asked why we research so much and in so much detail.

Every article published on this website has been researched to provide readers with the latest information we can find. Many of the pages and posts contains parts of our 21st Century Family Survival Guide.

We are currently finding solutions on how to prepare ourselves for the future because in a few years from now the world is aging due to people living longer and families having less children. Also what will happen when robots take our jobs?

Here is the first problem. The Japanese race will become extinct because the number babies being born is not enough to survive. Meanwhile due to better health people a living longer but they cant work forever so Japan has to allow migration, or use robots. Many countries are having the same problem. All Countries are having extra costs and there isn't enough money. The future is unknown and the world is looking how Japan copes as already because 28% of the overall population are over 65, a record high, and one fifth are aged 70 or older. There was also a sharp drop in the working-age population.

By 2050 79 of every 100 people will be aged 65 or over

We have already found this problem has some collateral damage on families everywhere

Is there an answer?

Not yet! This is why we research. Why don't you join us. Ordinary families like us need to know what governments are not telling us.

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