World’s future needs you to help stop sexual assault against anyone’s child

Regardless of race, colour, features, dress, gender, or age every victim of sexual assault, abuse and or family violence is someone’s child.

A person aged 60 once asked my advice on how to stop her mother from treating her like a child. My answer shocked her into reality because I said “You are her child”

Yes, we all are someone’s child.

Maybe our parents are no longer able to care for us so who can we now trust to give us advice. Of course we do know that there are parents that do not care about their children but this doesn’t change the fact that we are all someone's child.

The questions is how old does a child have to be for us to ignore them when they are in trouble?

It is rare for anyone to ignore a distressed child because our reaction is to do something to help them. We might ask them “Are you OK?” However we do know that so very often people see a sexual assault in progress, or about to happen because can see that they are at risk.  We read of young people being at a party, drinks to much and becomes victim. Yet none of her friends notice? You know it happens. Some even hear the victim's cry for help but in almost all cases not one person helps.

Regardless of the type of assault  (child abuse, domestic violence, etc) we rationalise that it is not our business, or we better not get involved. This is valid because many people who do try to help are hurt themselves.

We ask that whenever you see a sexual assault really happening, or about to happen to a person, or we have a good idea that someone is in a dangerous situation then please help if it is safe to do so, or contact whatever resources are available to intervene. If neither of these are possible make a note of what's going on and write it down.

What is worse than not helping at the scene of the crime?

When the victim is killed or severely injured. (domestic violence often ends up with one partner killing another) What happens to victims of other types of sexual assault is what happens after the trauma of the attack. This is said by so many victims to be to them "The second rape" where they suffer so much by what people say or do. To those trying to help this may seems to be the right thing to say or do,  but victims obviously are so badly affected by the prospect of  embarrassing comments and a lack of respect plus poor treatment they decide to not tell anyone about what happened to them.

This has several problems. The main being that the predators are free to continue and no one really knows the size of the problem. Also, imagine the victim's sad and lonely lives in total silence  with no one they can trust.

In Japan Kazuko Tanaka, a female prosecutor and author of “The Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Investigation Handbook,” estimates that only 4 percent of victims of those sexually assaulted go so far as to file a complaint with the police. SOURCE

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