Why is everyone confused about self importance and are you Important?

Narcissistic personality disorders are unfortunate mental condition that cause many problems for others because they suffer from an exaggerated sense of self importance and may be preoccupied with power, prestige, vanity, and expect special treatment and fame

Self-importance is very important to all of us but it is unfortunately a term generally not seen to be good because the term is used as above to accurately describe a Narcissist. It is also connected with certain negative connotation such ego and pride; however, it is a necessary ingredient for successful living, particularly when it is used appropriately.

What’s the difference between important importance and self importance

Let's look at these in one sentence. It is important (adjective) that X be included on the team, more importantly (adverb) X should be the team leader because X is a humble person and not full of self importance (noun)

  • Important
    • Don’t lose these important documents.
    • It's important for children to get a good education.
    • Good food and low alcohol are an important part of a healthy diet
  • Importantly
    • This is used for saying that a fact you are talking about is important:
    • Y is still very shy. Importantly, though, Y can stand up for their self when needed
  • Self-importance
    • the belief that you are more important or have a higher value than other people.
    • the quality of being important.
    • It is very important to not to confuse self-importance with high self-confidence and self-esteem.

You need self importance.

How important you feel about yourself depends on three things:

  1. how you see yourself,
  2. how successful you are in what you do,
  3. and how others see you.

We all feel unimportant sometimes. Sometimes children who are always last to be picked to be part of the team might feel unimportant but these sorts of thing happen all the time. When no one listens to you when you need help has nothing to do with your self-importance.

We do so many important things every day. Open your mind and you will be surprised how many important things you really do. Cleaning your teeth, dressing neatly, smiling to someone, doing you job, anything at all however small, or how significant feeds your self-esteem, such morale boosts your confidence, and confidence, in turn, is a critical success factor in attaining your goals and self-importance.

Everyday on social media and in our work we meet people who have been treated so badly that it hurts their self-importance

If you work on important things that matters to you, your self-importance increases. When this happens, you will become even more successful in what you do every day. Amazingly how other people see you doesn’t matter after a while.