Sexual Radicalisation at its worst. Are paedophiles acting like terrorists?

sexual radicalisation paedophile rolf harris

 Sexual Radicalisation is used by Jihadists and Paedophiles

Radicalisation is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly “radical’ views that are not shared by most people.

A radical person is one having extreme political or social views that are not shared by most people (Merriam Webster)

Paedophiles by definition are people who prefer children but there are others that abuse children who are not paedophiles because they take anyone at any age that becomes available nevertheless all sexual terrorists follow similar patterns

Terrorist individuals, their supporters, and groups move into our communities and over a period of time convince anyone they recruit to adopt their way of life. Here is a story of sexual radicalisation where a man rapes his daughter and convinces a groups of men to join him. The participant said, when captured and jailed, it was fun while it lasted. See PerthNow

Both terrorists and paedophiles radicalise by deliberately behaving like  normal and nice persons and involve themselves in volunteering work to be seen as someone who helps others. Some become involved in a community and operate within youth groups, churches and schools and or universities which can give them access to vulnerable people. Quite often the  are known to the family, and too often are family members. This is why when they are caught neighbours just cannot believe that horrible crimes were being committed nearby.

These gang of 8 above were caught and punished. But there is too many terrorists out there. The jihadist type are promising rivers of wine and 100 virgins with women available (raping civilians) and lying to recruits to get them to join their fight against anyone that does not share their weird view of the modern world. Billions of dollars are being used to rid the world of these radicals but little is done to prevent sexual predators from roaming our streets.  Please check in soon to obtain tips on how to recognise if a person is being groomed (sexual radicalisation)

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