What is the best decision when you seek Criminal Justice: a Judge or Jury?

Criminal Justice Sexaul AssaultMany Victims of Sexual Assault seek criminal justice

However it is important to understand that the Law in one country may be different from the law in other countries.

When two people argue it is useful to have a third party listen to what each person says and then tries to decide which one of them is right. Sounds simple but a lot depends on who the third party is and what rules are used to form a decision. It is also important that the third party isn’t connected or related to one of the persons involved.

Let us use some legal terms. The people are renamed Party A (usually the accuser) and Party B (the defender) and the third party might be an Arbitrator, a Judge (or Judges), or a Jury. The Rules are Laws. The Argument itself is called the case

Here is a story from Australia that is easy to understand


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