2019 is moving fast so it is time to report & update our new year wishes

As we are already well into May 2019 it is time to report and update our new year wishes.

  • I wished the following and  pleased to report that everything is on track
    • That all of us and our friends, supporters and  you have a safe and happy 2019
    • More people will join Team Jane to help people who are lonely and isolated from others and the innocent victims of sexual assault, abuse and or family violence regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, colour, features, dress, religion, culture or disability.
    • More information will be available to help everyone be safe
    • Governments start to work with people to provide solutions that are useful and economically affordable
    • That we can produce more pages of information in our 21st Century Family Services Guide
    • That  good people everywhere will work together to solve social problems

Our organisation motto's “Imagine a world without rape” and “Respect” is guiding our work. However, we have to consider all things that impact on humanity.


We all have been  assisting survivors of sexual harassment, domestic violence and rape. We also accompanied many people when they visit their legal advisers and accompany them to court if required. We sometimes provide suggestions based on our knowledge and provide a translation service if required. Our new year wishes include the need for more translators but  its a big website. It is taking time


In February I was invited to be the guest speaker at Yale University and showed my art there to illustrate how the mind reacts to personal assaults. At the time of writing this update I am preparing to visit Australia to meet with government leaders to discus their updated programs for ideas. After that I will travel to Geneva to address the UN at their invitation. I have met the Governor of Okinawa and several times have met members of his government showing our commitment given in my New Year greeting

I have continued meet with politicians, community leaders, educationalists and religious groups to share methodology and foreign governments to allow us to share their successful programs. Team Jane new year wishes include more governments sharing helpful methods


I said "In 2019, we anticipate major events will occur that will test all of us and I have instructed Team Jane to prepare regular updates to our #BeSafe program and add to our 21st Century Family Survival Guide" 

Team Jane has informed me that the world is becoming more dangerous and many countries are in serious financial and demographic problems. Due to an ageing population as a result of good medicine and living standards and the fact that young people are not marrying as much and those who are married are not having many children. New year wishes these are not.

This means that there are not enough young people to work and pay taxes which means governments need to increase retirements age. or increase migrations, or use more women in work, or industry increase robots and IT controlled equipment, or all these.  Robots are already taking jobs: that’s according to a new report from consultancy firm PwC. Researchers suggested that automated bots could take nearly four in 10 (38%) jobs in the U.S., and take 30% of jobs in the United Kingdom, 35% in Germany, and 21% Japan.

Our main concern is the lack of welfare resources and the urgent need for people to be prepared. Victims of domestic violence or sexual assaults  are increasing and governments are lacking resources. We too are finding it difficult to increase our members and resources but fortunately we have some great people helping us by investing in expansion.

If you would like to help  or just be on our e-mail list please contact me.



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