As 2019 approaches it is time to make new year wishes here are mine

As 2019 New Year approaches it is time to make new year wishes. Here are mine

  • 2018 has shown that the world is becoming more dangerous but at the same time I am encouraged by the advances being made. My New Year Wishes are
    • That all of us and our friends, supporters and  you have a safe and happy 2019
    • More people will join Team Jane to help people who are lonely and isolated from others and the innocent victims of sexual assault, abuse and or family violence regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, colour, features, dress, religion, culture or disability.
    • More information will be available to help everyone be safe
    • Governments start to work with people to provide solutions that are useful and economically affordable
    • That we can produce more pages of information in our 21st Century Family Services Guide
    • That  good people everywhere will work together to solve social problems

Our organisation motto's “Imagine a world without rape” and “Respect” is guiding our work.


We all have been  assisting survivors of sexual harassment, domestic violence and rape. We also accompanied many people when they visit their legal advisers and accompany them to court if required. We sometimes provide suggestions based on our knowledge and provide a translation service if required. Our new year wishes include the need for more translators


Last January a documentary was produced by high school students by interviewing me on camera about sexual violence for a NHK film competition won fourth prize

In February I was invited to be the guest speaker at Yale University and showed my art there to illustrate how the mind reacts to personal assaults.

I have meet with politicians, community leaders, educationalists and religious groups to share methodology and foreign governments to allow us to share their successful programs. Team Jane new year wishes include more governments sharing helpful methods


2018 showed all of us that this modern world operates in an increasingly volatile (unstable, unpredictable, explosive, changeable) situation. Worldwide people are reacting to the attempts by their government to meet challenges that in some cases threaten their future while at the same time their citizens are struggling to cope with their own set of problems

Our research recognized many years ago, that to deliver good government requires a fundamental change in the government-citizen relationship. Decision makers must work together with a wide range of non-government people to design and deliver more meaningful services that produce real value to their citizens. Therefore, I am pleased to report that in November the Okinawan Governor Denny Tamaki met with me to discuss criminal activities (sexual harassment, domestic violence and rape and other such crimes) and to examine important measures for eradication of such crimes.

2018 showed an improvement in Gender Diversity and Female Advancement in Leadership. Better medicine is being delivered to poor countries but more importantly  many Governments are realising that they must provide real services. The days of political promises are over as people are now voting for those that will deliver affordable solutions for all citizens. We saw citizens in the UK protesting about Brexit,  the yellow shirts in France and again we saw governments starting to cooperate with their citizens

#MeToo came under a lot of criticism (it was said that it was infiltrated by those who used it as a weapon) We thanked Tarana Burke who first used this tag because she enabled all women to see that there is a great number of people prepared to support innocents. It also taught us to make sure just exactly who is the innocent party.

FUTURE #2020Vision

We must all decide to work with each other and together with our governments showing willingness to listen to our stories and to work with us, however as in all things, there is still much work to be done.

In 2019, we anticipate major events will occur that will test all of us and I have instructed Team Jane to prepare regular updates to our #BeSafe program and add to our 21st Century Family Survival Guide

On behalf of all of us in Team Jane I wish you and yours a Happy and Prosperous 2019 and invite you to join us to be ready for our new ideas being developed for 2020 VISION

If you would like to be on our e-mail list please contact me.


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