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Our organisation motto's “Imagine a world without rape” and “Respect” is guiding our work. However, we have to consider everything that impacts on humanity.

    • UPDATE 9 March 2020
      • Since we last did an update much has happened.
      • Due to wars, conflicts, natural disasters such as wild fires, droughts in some are, floods in others, and recently a deadly virus is costing more than countries can afford. Many are borrowing money but some have already found they cannot pay the interest on this borrowed money. Obviously the citizens have to pay more taxation and expect less help from their government. There is no possible end in the near future.
      • People are trying to leave their countries that are dangerous to them and their families to find a new country. Their homes are destroyed and they have nothing.
          • It is no use going to another dangerous country so they try to get to Europe or America.
          • They used to try and get to Australia but as so many people died at sea trying to travel thousands of kilometres by unsafe boats the Australian Government stopped them from coming.
          • Unfortunately some countries are getting too many people. They cannot find an answer.
      • What can a country do when a millions of  people knock on their door without money and only the clothes they are wearing. What would you do if 100 people came to your house and want to live with you. You would have to feed them, get them clothes and keep them warm, educate them and get them a job and take them to a doctor if they are sick.
      • Then suddenly we came under attack from a deadly virus that has scared everyone.
        • Not only scared but unable to understand how bad it is and panicking
      •  We are unable to help with all of the above but we try to show you where to find help. For victims of sexual violence and sexual assault we have written many articles in the website.
    • UPDATE  27 November 2019
      • World news media asks what link street protesters everywhere and confirms what Team Jane already knew 2 years ago.  Although some governments have additional problems the items below lists the reasons. Sadly despite their efforts removing government isn't the answer because the underlying problems are still there. Citizens are finding they may have to solve these themselves. Who can answer questions people ask?  We are developing our 21st Century Family Survival Guide. Please Help us help individuals and families
      • More people have joined Team Jane to help people who are lonely and isolated from others and the innocent victims of sexual assault, abuse and or family violence regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, colour, features, dress, religion, culture or disability.
      • We are very concerned about the ageing population and the rising number of people living alone.
      • This year we and you good people reading this have noticed a lot more very violent demonstrations everywhere in the world. To name just a few; Hong Kong,  Paris, Brazil, West Papua, Indonesia,  Iraq.
      • Governments  are fighting each other and refugees trying desperately to find somewhere safe, but very few volunteers  to help because there are too many. How can governments cope with millions of people wanting to escape from their own countries.
      • We read about people smugglers profiting but so many of their innocent clients dying whilst under the smugglers care!
      • Due to an ageing population income tax revenue is falling, global trade 'wars' etc plus extra population and lack of infrastructure has seen high level of debt
      • Governments have started to work with people to provide solutions that are useful to the above however, only if it is economically affordable because there is not enough money is available for every situation.
      • Governments relying more on non-government volunteers organisations to help service people in need but they also  are unable to find enough money.
    • Team Jane knows that people worldwide need answers but do not know where and who they can ask  and we have completed many pages in our 21st Century Family Services Guide. We need financial support to keep the productions cost affordable.
    • Good people everywhere are working together to solve social problems. They need help to find resources because governments

Team Jane volunteers work on the following


We all have been  assisting survivors of sexual harassment, domestic violence and rape. We also accompanied many people when they visit their legal advisers and accompany them to court if required. We sometimes provide suggestions based on our knowledge and provide a translation service if required.


Jane. our leader has travelled to Geneva and addressed the UN at their invitation. She has met the Governor of Okinawa several times have met members of his government

Jane and special Team Jane leaders continued meet with politicians, community leaders, educationalists and religious groups to share methodology and foreign governments to allow us to share their successful programs. Team Jane tries to include more governments sharing helpful methods


We continues to add new disciplines to our 21st Century Family Survival Guide" 

Team Jane focus on the world becoming more dangerous and many countries are in serious financial and demographic problems. Due to an ageing population as a result of good medicine and living standards and the fact that young people are not marrying as much and those who are married are not having many children.

This means that there are not enough young people to work and pay taxes which means governments need to increase retirements age. or increase migrations, or use more women in work, or industry increase robots and IT controlled equipment, or all these.  Robots are already taking jobs: Researchers suggested that automated bots could take nearly four in 10 (38%) jobs in the U.S., and take 30% of jobs in the United Kingdom, 35% in Germany, and 21% Japan.

Our main concern is the lack of welfare resources and the urgent need for people to be prepared. Victims of domestic violence or sexual assaults  are increasing and governments are lacking resources. More people are moving into single person accommodation . There are a growing number of silent people in communities that have broken ties with others. There is a growing numbers of virgins and children are being used to promote the potential of world extinction. Some teachers are telling young children we will all die before 2050. People are scared, worried and unable to get answers. We too are now finding it difficult to increase our members and resources but fortunately we have some great people helping us by investing in expansion.