Valentines Day gifts to our supporters, volunteers & you from Team Jane

Are you worried what Valentines day gifts? Who should you given them too and do you really have to give Valentine day gifts to anyone at all?

Let's look briefly at the history. Valentine  lived in 3rd Century Rome  and helped locals convert to Christianity but Emperor Claudius banned Christianity and eventually Valentine was caught marrying people and was executed on 14 February 270. It wasn’t until 200 years later when Rome became Christian that Valentine was declared a Saint and a festive day was chosen to replace a pagan fertility festival. They chose 14 February and every year the Roman Catholic Church honored his memory.

It wasn't until the middle ages (1400) that the Poet Chaucer linked St Valentine to love. This was  the beginning of the tradition of courtly love; an expression of love and admiration usually in secret.  Historians note that in very early years, people gathered together to read poems about love and to play games of flirtation. Later hand made cards by the sender  were sent. The amount of effort showed how important the recipient meant to the sender and again, over time symbols such as a cupid's heart and flowers trimmed with ribbon become popular. In the late 1700s, publishers started to print and sell Valentine’s Day-oriented books,. These were usually guides for young men to use in composing their love notes to a person of interest. None of the above time periods  were Valentines Day Gifts given. (Cards are not gifts)

For a long time many cards were sent without the name of the sender something that continued well into the 20th Century. Usually, the recipient had a reasonable good idea who the sender was. However, in this 21st Century people are very concerned if the receive anonymous notes of any kind. Many of us will not even take a phone call that doesn't show the sender;s name.

History shows the focus was the seeking of a partner for romantic love. This however evolved, over time, to included friends and family and colleagues to express affection,  respect and love (as in love thy neighbor). Valentines Day Gifts are usually not given to such people.

Today's society seems to have accepted the commercial pressure to buy gifts of chocolate, flowers, dinners and special events. Many even use the day to make a marriage proposal. Retailers welcome the day and think of new ideas every year because of the massive amount of money being spent. The size of the gift seems to be prioritized as being important however it is not necessary or is their an obligation to give Valentines Day Gifts to anyone.

Simple words make a bigger impact and last for ever. Here is our expression of love for so many people. Every time you look in a mirror you will see the person we love so much. You can use this if you wish

Happy Valentines Day

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