21st Century Family Survival Guide

Why Family and not victims?

Instead of a Rape Centre we have a Be Safe Program and part of this is providing easy to understand information to guide everyone to being safer.

Many organisations and governments only concentrate on providing services to victims. Rape centres, emergency services, psychiatric facilities. These provide specific help. We don't do a lot of big things but we do many thousands of little things very well and this has made a big impact.

These thousands of little things help societies everywhere.

We provide information on how to make a better world. How to survive in this 21st Century. How to survive as an individual and for families.

For example if your house falls down every time there is an earthquake, or if it burns down every time you have a wild-fire then you should not keep doing the same thing over and over again you really need to build a better house. The firemen provide the big thing: save the victims and their property. We remind you how to make yourselves and your house safer.

Everyday people come to our website to read part of our 21st Century Family Survival Guide.

This "21st Century Survival Guide" is for families moving into a new community, or for those who are starting a new life in their old one. There is information on personal safety, maintaining family relationships, your Human rights and importantly TO EXPECT RIGHTS YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT your responsibilities in society, health care for your body and your mind, risk management and resources that you can find in your community - practical matters of everyday life.

It is important for you to know that this is only a guide and written to assist you understand different information. Sometimes what might be right for one country may not be suitable for another country. You need to make sure you check out http://iamjane.org/general-disclaimer/

The Family survival Guide does not intend to replace expert advice available from the various professions and cannot hope to be up to date in all matters simply because changes are made every day to so many things that affect our lives. Team Jane does its best to provide guidance but cannot accepts any responsibility for any mistakes. If you do notice that a mistake has been made please help us and others by telling us.

Use this book therefore only as a guide. For example if you were using an out of date road map you would check with someone when you were getting close to where you want to go. The Guide only intends to give you some help. Many things you can do by yourself but some things you cannot. A guide helps you to know that things can be done.

Team Jane regularly meet with people who need help. Our research teams investigate why the prosecution of sexual assault has one of the worst success rates of any crime. We also examine child abuse cases that fail and found it is because in most cases the victims know their assailants and do not know they are being abused. In many cases the child is not believed and this led us to produce an article. child-abuse-and-how-to-recognise-danger

We do know the answer to many questions and as a result we have modernised our services to society and to introduce modern tools and technologies, education. We also quietly demonstrate to governments the need to improve and we are delighted to see laws and services in Japan and other countries changing. This in turn has seen an increase in the number of silent victims speaking out. We also do not know many things and are always researching.

Remember “If one human being can do something so can you’’ You may just need an opportunity or a little help. Keep checking for new articles.


If our 21st Century Family Survival Guide helps you with only one thing, we hope that it will be to impress upon you the value of keeping records of everything.

Buy a duplicate note-book so that when you write to someone you will have a copy. Keeps all receipts, keep all letters; particularly those about money and always take notes. Always put down the time and the date and the names of people and places. Make a note of all your important telephone conversations. If you go to a meeting with someone take a note book and write down important items. They said and I said then they said and so on. If you don’t understand what someone is saying to you say quite firmly ‘’I don’t know what you are saying to me. Please explain it again’’ Even if they say it again and you still don’t understand keep asking them until you do understand. Keep everything in date order by putting all documents in a small box or if you can stick them into a scrap book that would be even better. Call it “my life” or something like that. You will one day be so glad you did keep records of everything.

In addition you will find that in keeping records the discipline will also keep you in control of your life and your future will run more smoothly for you.