Battered Woman Syndrome  now  affecting  more victims of domestic violence

2020 will be never ever forgotten apart from everything else  the Battered Woman Syndrome  is now  affecting  more victims of domestic violence

Team Jane researchers  discovered China  had reported  increased  person to person crimes. Stay home is a great way to stop the virus but  what happened when a victim had to live with an abusers 24 hours per day.  A major issue is raised by us but  we believe  the best information is the from the United Nations and  is important to look at

UN chief António Guterres is calling for measures to address a “horrifying global surge in domestic violence” directed towards women and girls, linked to lockdowns imposed by governments responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Team Jane legal team advises the “Our mission includes services to innocent persons of sexual assault, abuse and or family/domestic violence regardless of age, gender, race, colour, financial status, marital status, or nationality. Although the term BWS  (Battered Woman Syndrome ) has been replaced with battered person's syndrome in some legal circles, "and sounds more politically neutral, the new term does not improve on the former in providing a unitary syndrome and does not account for the characteristics unique to male victimization. Source

Our Research Team know most people never report domestic violence to police, however we are confident that 85% of victims are women

Domestic violence might affect everyone, but women are the primary target of violence from an intimate partner. Women suffer from physical assaults, sexual abuse, and psychological intimidation on a regular basis.

How Does Battered Woman Syndrome Develop?

BWS does not affect everyone. The relationship starts and continues favourably until the abuser behaves differently and creates tension between them. Usually, this takes the form of criticising the victim over food quality, or sarcasm. This tension builds up and then the abuser commits some extra forms of abuse: physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, or otherwise. If the victim tries to stop the abuser they are punished with more abuse. Sometimes the abuser is arrested and jailed but the victim doesn’t complain and the abuser is released. Usually, the abuser appears to be ‘cured” and apologizes (even if the abuser wasn’t jailed, they decide to become nice again). This involves the abuser reversing his bad behaviour until the abuser is forgiven. Unfortunately, the abuser starts again to increase the verbal-based tension and the cycle starts all over again.

Meanwhile, the victim starts to take responsibility for the abuse, but then feels helpless because having accepted blame cannot understand why the abuse continues. Being self-convinced of her helplessness and that the abuse cannot be escaped the victim is unable to escape

How to recognise women suffering from Battered Woman Syndrome 

There are obvious reactions when friends or family try to help:

  1. Takes full responsibility over the abuse, and finds it difficult or impossible to blame the abuser himself.
  2. Will frequently show signs of depression
    1. Will act irrationally from time to time especially after
      1. May start to use dangerous drugs
      2. May drink too much alcohol
      3. Will say she doesn’t trust anyone
        1. Includes Family, friends
      4. Might say no one loves her
      5. Might say she doesn’t want to talk to anyone
  3. Might reveal that she is frightened (fears for her and her children’s safety)
  4. Believes that the abuser is all-powerful and will hurt her if she contacts the authorities and seeks help but at the same time will praise the abuser as being a good person really.

Battered Woman Syndrome  is a psychological  problem.  Other victims of different gender and ages etc may display different  symptoms