Do more with your 24 become a defender to make the world a better place

Regardless of age etc every victim of sexual violence is someone's child Silent nights and silent days because so many predators have their ways. We all need to become alert and learn what it means to be a defender so that innocents are protected

Quick peak inside a victim's mind

I'm lonely being alone and sad that no one believes me, my head aches every time I recall and my heart beats quicker as my body reacts to defend me again every time.

To solve all of these problems, we have done what others haven't thought about

We have unraveled the layers of protection around every perpetrator of sexual violence

Imagine a present given that is wrapped in a very large box but, when unwrapped contains another wrapped box and then another until you reach the last box. What's inside is always a surprise. Sometimes nothing, sometimes just a little note with a few words or an exciting gift.

For many years we have been working with Defender International unwrapping the layers of protection around every perpetrator of sexual violence. It was a big box and every myth and misconceptions of society's rape culture, every legal loophole, every manipulation of words like “consent”, every weak law, every law enforcement failure, every unfair sentencing by the judiciary, and then we found another box inside all of those, the psychological effect of free pornography on male expectation. The world is full of people who are paid to help but prove to be a pretender not a defender We also researched some teenager suicides. Finally, we reach the last box

What did we find?

Wow! We have found many different ways to make predators feel insecure and how to make the world a safer place, but we do not make this public because why should we let them know our strategies?  Imagine how easy it would be if there was a defender living in the same city who you could trust.