Sexual assault & domestic violence victims power restored by Empowerism

domestic violence and authoritarianism activity

Be empowered to stand up to bullies

Justice for victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence are frustrated by those who adopt authoritarianism activity.

This practice of using myths and misconceptions started by  those in a legal profession in defence of their client is now become dictatorial by so many but remains not constitutionally accountable to the people or legislated as a law. The key example of defence strategies is to blame the victims by saying something like: Were you drinking, what were you wearing, or attack their character by referring to previous sexual activities, or why did you agree to go on a date surely you knew what was going on etc. This legal defence strategy is mirrored by parents, friends, and the police, and medical professionals, religious and social groups. If the victims doesn’t show any signs of physical injury the defence then claims that it was consensual or that the victims is lying or changed their mind. They reason that a person cannot be raped if they do not want to be, and that they would fight back and signs of this would be present on the Victim. For many this authoritarian activity has been referred to as the second rape (See Jane)

Due to this constant attack on their credibility  and negative social reactions more victims just remain silent.

Jane, The Founder of our Organisation has been an Empowertarian by helping victims regain their voice and their power

Empowerment and disclosure of such crimes is important for several reasons

  1. It quantifies the problem and bring it to the attention of politicians and authorities that have the power to make changes
  2. Victims can begin the process of returning to a normal life
    1. To receive the help they need.
    2. To report officially to enable the Justice System to bring attackers to face legal action
    3. Provide elements that help Society understand and education started to prevent such crimes in the future
  3. Research has shown that the healing process is helped even if the victim completes an anonymous survey