The most important thing to do after rape was committed on you is what?

When rape has been committed on you it is important that you do many things.

But what? The circumstances behind being raped are so variable and cover everyone who has been sexually assaulted it is hard to know what to do. It depends so much on whether or not the victim is conscience, or still under the influence of a drug or alcohol, or not held captive, or anything really. However the most important thing is to seek medical help as soon as possible and continue to keep in touch with your doctor.

You many not have been injured but by the rape but it is possible that there may be internal injury and it is essential that you have tests to exclude disease, or if applicable pregnancy. We must make sure that the event will impact on you brain.

Another danger is that you will be convinced by myths, conceptions and lies that it's you fault and you will remain silent and not talk to anyone.

Myths misconceptions and words that hurt

No one loses their innocence. It is either taken away from them or given freely

We have written a lot about this subject because sexual violence and abuse has been happening for centuries  and although governments these days are spending a lot of money they rely on non profit organisations to provide help.  High percentages of people now live alone. Victims go silent because they do not think anyone can help them or they are ashamed

Lets talk about rapists and manage risks

Jane and her team believe that we all have to manage risks. We insure ourselves against catching a cold, or crashing our car, or our house catching fire. We even go to school to learn so we can get a well paying job. We do not worry because we manage our risks.

Unfortunately there is no insurance covering us for being raped

What happens after being raped?

It is essential that we start educating ourselves and our children.  Most parents do not talk to their children about "adult things". Be honest now "Is this correct?"

Children raped by a parent. Is anyone listening?

We do know when one of our friends is "Not normal"

Team Jane also are aware of the stress on our brain but sadly many people do not realise that depression is a very serious problem. We should always watch our friends and family for any signs something is wrong.  Ask them "are you OK?"  How they respond will also demonstrate the possibility of a problem. Do not be put off but do not push. Find ways to make them aware of you ability to help. You may be sorry if you do not

Be careful reading this sad story. Keep safe

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