the reasons why many more women expose consensual sex violence myths

Everywhere now  women expose consensual sex violence myths and misconceptions

We know that the world has become more violent in this 21st Century together with an increased number of ordinary citizens using violence to express their dissatisfaction with their government. We know that is is so serious we are building our 21st Century Family Survival Guide to help individuals and families manage their lives and to identify risks.

Team Jane always examines to question carefully and investigates everything that may be suspect and also what other problems are linked to the same suspects. This can be very time consuming but we identified an amazing number of outcomes from just one investigation.

More media reports worldwide are reporting that women expose consensual sex violence myths because they have participated in a romantic encounter only to be shocked to find they are either being choked, punched, slapped, spat on or being hurt badly.

It is hard to believe the following items are linked to this one problem.

For example lets look at Pornography. This Century young people including children under 12 have been able to easily view pornography but this has changed to mostly  only aggressive porn. Young children become scared of what may happen to them. In Japan the government is worried about the ageing population which means people are living longer and women are not having enough children. This means the Japanese Race will become extinct. China the same.

Women expose consensual sex violence myths

Thus watching pornography is causing people to use violence based on  believing what they see as what people want to do because the porn stars 'like it' .  The women see pornography as well and they assume that's what needs to be done. This is why more women are exposing this. It also means both women and men are too frightened to approach each other to become friends because they could be blamed for sexual harassment or that they will have to be violent. This is one reason why more men and women are still virgins and the number of single person household has increased. For example: Australia has 6 million people in SPH (24%),  Japan 41 million (32%) and PRC; China 168 million (12%)

Thus loneliness,  single person households, more virgins, less babies,  ageing populations causing extra government debt, migration, robots, and  we must include the health consequences of such unexpected sexual violence are numerous and varied, and include
physical and psychological effects, both in the short-term and in the long-term

Not everybody accesses pornography therefore it is unlikely viewed by "women expose consensual sex violence myths" however sexual violence is often used leading to deaths. No evidence of men being killed by women though and the usual defence is that the death was accidental during a sex game that went wrong.  For example On average, one woman in the UK is strangled to death by her partner every two weeks.

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