To recognise child abuse victim & do nothing is wrong. please report it now

A report has been published (6 July 017) by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.(Child abuse)


We remember traumatic events but over time some details fade that's why we recommend you write down what happened. This is difficult for older victims  that now are expected to remember fine details about their experiences of child abuse decades later.

In the report’s executive summary the authors state

“Child sexual abuse is difficult to prosecute and has one of the highest attrition rates of all criminal offences. Part of the difficulty in prosecuting these cases is that offending is often hidden from public view, leaving only the complainants’ evidence to establish the defendants’ guilt beyond reasonable doubt. The ability of children sexual abuse complainants to give quality evidence is crucial for successful prosecution, but it can be problematic for complainants to give such evidence. For both child abuse and adult complainants, a willingness to engage in the justice process, and the accuracy and usefulness of the evidence they give, can be affected by anxiety and stress, delays in the trial process and how professionals question them.”

Team Jane emphasise the value of our 21st Century Family Survival Guide because this report has become necessary as adults now required to give evidence to a Royal Commission about abuse what happened to them decades ago.

Our concern is that no one listened to them. Now they still have trouble to convince people of their accusation. Defence lawyers  will rely on the passage of time and the report hopes to explain the value of each accuser's memory.  There is also the possibility of false memories being present. We think that in this modern world that it is  absolutely necessary for us to really communicate with our children. It is also important for professionals to be vigilant.  Teachers see our children more than some parents and  they can detect many things about a child such as poverty and are acutely aware when the child is depressed, or stressed. Medical practitioners look at patients with a great deal of experience. When a parent is describing symptoms of their child the doctor is also looking at potential child abuse. It's important that such observations are reported.

We know the even the abused child’s playmates/friends see something is not quite right and often ask the child “what’s wrong?” We also know that when the abuser is a family member, or has been groomed that the child is unlikely to tell anyone therefore it is up to all of us to follow out instincts when something seems just not right.

We know that some universities are criticised for failing students. They are someones child and  is not limited by us to an age. All of us are someone's child. Recently we are delighted that Universities are on notice that they cannot sweep incidents under the rug. Their reluctance to process complaints has been brought into the open attracting the attention of #Humanrights. Sexual Violence is not acceptable but until it is controlled we have to manage the risk .

About abused children and how to recognise danger