What can everyone do while waiting for enough COVID 19 virus vaccine?

Experts are hopeful that a COVID 19 virus vaccine will become available sooner rather than later.

What can we do waiting for a product to stop this deadly virus is  a serious question because apart from science testing  to see if it works, the virus itself is changing. Then they have to make it  and while making it they have to make sure they maintain the quality. With so many groups in different making a vaccine  will they share the knowledge or will it be a competition? How much will it cost? Will those people living in countries that do not have laboratories be able to get vaccines?

By looking at the results to develop a  COVID-19 virus vaccine,  it will need up to 4 billion doses  for the most vulnerable populations on the planet. Quality control during manufacture and changes to the virus slows production and current estimates show it will take at least 6 months to get enough ready for mass immunisations


  1. Truth
    1. The view that COVID 19  only kills old people is wrong
      1. If you come into contact with COVID 19 it will definitely infect you regardless of age  None of us are immune. You may not show any symptoms, you may not test positive BUT THE VIRUS IS STILL IN YOUR BODY
      2. Statistics show that a lot of old people die but the reason they die is usually the older we are the more likely that we have other health problems, or  may not be strong enough. That's why we try to keep them out of danger.
    2. Some young people believe they will not be infected and refuse to take precautions.
      1. Sadly, many young people from very young babies to adults die
    3. Some people believe that the virus is a hoax and does not exist
      1. They are more likely to be in an area where their is no virus
      2. They will join the thousands of people who will not take the Covid 19 virus vaccine
      3. Some people think they do not have to wear a mask or obey any government orders because  they have human rights.
        1. One case indicates the foolishness of this belief. A person who had been infected but did not have symptoms broke the law and then infected hundreds of people.
        2. A group of people broke the law and had a big party. The government fined them thousands of dollars
        3. A man broke out of quarantine to visit his girlfriend. He was jailed for 6 weeks
  2. Be Smart/ be safe
    1. Plan for a rough ride to a place none of us have been before.
      1. If you live in the industrialized world, according to Bill Gates, don't make any major plans for the next year or so. "For the rich world, we should largely be able to end this thing by the end of 2021, and for the world at large by the end of 2022
      2. Avoid Big cities, large apartment blocks, areas where a lot of people live together. Try to live in less dense areas
      3. Do not break the law
    2. Ask questions
      1. People are often frightened to ask questions because they think they will look stupid when in fact the smartest people are those that ask the most questions
    3. Develop Real Friendships
      1. A real friend is one you can really trust. We are lucky if we have one and very lucky if we have three. Work as a team.
    4. What can we do while waiting for a COVID 19 virus vaccine?
      1. If it seems like we're stuck in a holding pattern as we wait for one or more vaccines to bring about an end to the coronavirus pandemic, that's because we are.
      2. without a vaccine, the only ways to contain the virus are the things we're already doing: wearing masks, social distancing, etc. & testing followed by contact tracing.
        1. Those measures, while effective when strictly adhered to, are inconvenient and people seem to have a hard time following them. That's why the easing of lockdown restrictions almost always leads to a spike in new coronavirus cases, which prompts government leaders to bring back lockdowns.
      3. Work with real friends and family to make discuss  very carefully a plan that shares resources  and maximises safety and economically sound and that  it works for all of you until we have the COVID 19 virus vaccine