No one loses their innocence its given freely by them or taken illegally

But how do those with innocence to give freely find someone to love? How to find your true love in this 21st Century? How can we tell the difference between someone who has fallen in love or one that is pretending?

Apart from other reasons one problems seems to be that it has become really difficult to know how to find real love. Some old fashioned methods may be misunderstood, myths and misconceptions within the framework of social standards. Workplaces are becoming stricter and educationalists are setting standards. Sadly the #MeToo movement is worrying many people.

Tarana Burke, an American civil rights activist, started the #MeToo campaign in 2006 with the goal of providing support to survivors of sexual violence in her community and it grew quickly when allegations appeared against the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Tarana recently said “Suddenly, a movement to center survivors of sexual violence is being talked about as a vindictive plot against men,” she told the audience. “This is a movement about the one in four girls and the one in six boys who are sexually abused every year, and who carry those wounds into adulthood,” she said. “Victims are heard and then vilified.”

Tarana wanted the #MeToo movement to return to the issues she set out to challenge over a decade ago.

Innocence in some cases is taken away when people are being accused wrongly. A young person might approach someone they would like to meet with the view of being friends. A boss might invite an employee to enjoy a coffee together but hesitates because it might give the wrong impressions or fellow students just give up and stick with people they know well. Even asking a mutual friend to make an introduction has problems.


This word hasn't been changed and its meaning and usage is still the same but  when it's not used the lack of respect causes damage to those who have their innocence taken from them.

It is simple and easy to understand

  • Everyone deserves a basic amount of respect as an individual until proven otherwise.
    • Treating people in a positive manner that acknowledges them for who they are and/or what they are doing.
    • Your actions should just be part of how you act as a person 100% of the time.
  •  No one owes you respect until you have earned it
    • There is no such thing as I will give it after they give it to me first
    • Protect innocence

How does Respect help?

Opening a door for someone, offer to help someone to move some chairs, or lift something is just the beginning.

Tip: This Valentine Day send someone you would like to meet,  a secret card. Never ever identify yourself. Respect them