Images of Catherine Jane Fisher journey since 2002

Here are a few images of Catherine Jane Fisher and her long journey

For nearly 2 decades Catherine was recovering from the trauma that most victims of rape experience. It didn't stop her from becoming an activist for reform but felt unsafe. She adopted a disguise using a hat and wore sunglasses everywhere. Her work gathered together people from all over the world.

As so many people were impressed by her willingness to say publicly things that people they began to copy her and make their voices heard. To solidify this they become one with this empowering woman and proudly became like her    referring to themselves as "I am JANE"

She developed and published a website that you can see here

Slowly other parts of her identity emerged and CATHERINE was added.

When she finally brought to rapist to Justice she added her family name. Her dad said at that time "Welcome back Cathy!"

In 2016 Catherine Jane Fisher moved the whole program into the 21st Century and built this website with a principle goal of providing a safe place where anyone can learn about what every family needs to survive and adopted the principles of Defending the Truth, Justice and Fairness and at the same time Protect the innocents among us in this modern age.

Welcome to part of the journey of Catherine Jane Fisher

catherine jane fisher

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