Queensland Australia police catching on-line sexual predators

Task force ArgosQueensland Police issue warnings to parents to remain vigilant following the recent arrest of two men for allegedly intending to meet and engage in sexual activity with children they met online.

On December 6 a 38-year-old man was charged after he met a 14-year-old child online. The offender allegedly groomed the child using the social media sites and arranged to meet the child to engage in sexual activity.

Both men were unaware they were actually communicating with Task Force Argos detectives. Acting Detective Superintendent George Marchesini said these arrests should serve as a very real warning to parents of the ever present dangers of the internet.

“These types of arrests are always a concern for us. Not only have these men allegedly contacted the children and engaged in sexual conversation, but they have taken the extra and most dangerous step of arranging to meet the child. Thankfully in both instances this was a detective, however it could easily have been a real child.