“The Power of One”: 60 Minutes story on Catherine Jane: Empowertarian

the power of oneThe Power Of One. The Story of Catherine Jane Fisher

I am grateful to 60 Minutes for their filming of  the story of my life. But what really is the "Power Of One?" This 'power' lies within each and every one of us.

I am just your average woman who was born in Perth, Western Australia. However  I never gave up my pursuit seeking #Justice by making world history in my successful legal action.

The number "one" is significant to me because my tracking down of rapist took me 10-years. I took him to court where a world precedent was established when the guilty verdict obtained in a Japanese court was confirmed in an USA court. Another first that despite the suffering and costs incurred over so many years I settled my compensation by requesting just "one dollar". I was determined that my court win would not be diminished by those who would dismiss it as being all about money.

Justice is not about money.