If your partner is violent with sexual violence you are not on your own

sexual violenceMYTH: Physical and or Sexual Violence by your spouse or partner only affects a small number of people.

FACT: Domestic Family Violence affects many men  and women. The Australian government research shows such violence is the biggest cause of injury or death for women between 18 and 45. Apart from the Victim and the partner it is of great concern that if any children are involved in such households they suffer greatly even though only a few are physically hurt.

Evidence that established sexual violence is happening in other countries makes it a world-wide problem

It has also been established that intimate partner violence contributes more to the poor health, disability, and death of those involved than any other risk factor, including obesity and smoking.

The general view provided by this Myth is that it is not a problem. People do not think it is their business and after all they think that it not polite to interfere in marital affairs. In some countries the Police often do not attend a family dispute even if a report is made. Men tend to not report sexual violence because the myth is focused on women being always the victim.